Tips For Choosing The Right Shoes With A Formal Mermaid Dress

That prom dance that you’ve been waiting for will be happening soon and if you have decided to risk it all and wear a mermaid dress, I have some important accessory tips for you to consider. As you probably know, getting the shoes wrong is a big no-no and dress length is a critical factor. Don’t go rushing to order that stunning mermaid dress just yet.

Here are a few tips to help you make all the right choices when it comes to shoes with a mermaid dress.

  • Break The Fashion Rules – It seems to be the trend to throw tradition out of the window; a pair of Nike trainers or even leather cowboy boots is not unheard of. A pair of flat Greek sandals also pairs well with the mermaid, as do platforms. The important thing is that your shoes are comfortable and that you enjoy the evening.
  • Spaghetti Straps – You will often see the models on the catwalk wearing spaghettis strap-on shoes when showing off a formal mermaid outfit and with a contrasting color, your look is balanced. You will want to shop for mermaid formal dresses at Peaches Boutique or any other well-known designer dress boutiques near you. Go for one with an impressive list of top designers, showcasing their unique creations. Long straps that come to the upper calf look sexy and go with that beach theme, while Viking sandals are perfect for the split mermaid dress.
  • Choosing A Color – You should take your skin tone (and skin undertone) into account when choosing a color for your mermaid dress. Then, choose a pair of shoes in the same color but a slightly different shade, or you could go for extreme contrast, which also works. The dress is the main focus, and you don’t want your shoes to draw the attention of the observer, rather they should complement the look. The online shoe store has you covered. Avoid ordering a small size and allow enough time to return for a different size (most boutiques will change for a different size).
  • Wear Them In – You don’t want your first session in the shoes to be the prom; rather wear them around the house for a few hours, which will reveal any discomfort. Smart girls always take a pair of sneakers along, just in case of some serious dancing, plus if it rains, you won’t ruin your shoes. High heels always have a price to pay, which you probably know already, but the rules are not set in stone, unless it happens to be a formal event.

Much like your choice of dress, shoe selection must incorporate a balance of visual appeal and comfort. If you love to let your hair down on the dancefloor, either go barefoot or choose a pair of shoes that are suitable. There’s nothing wrong with asking your friends for their opinion, simply save a few images and post them on your Instagram page, asking for their thoughts.

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