The Short Girl’s Guide To Prom Shopping

One thing that is important to realize is that there is no one single prom dress that looks the same on all body types. Prom dresses are a case by case and figure by figure basis. Most girls pick prom dresses that flatter their figure, and short girls, especially, often choose empire waists. They should stay away from full skirts. But if you are short and have your heart set on a full skirt for prom, make sure the top of your dress is tight and fitted.

Here are more tips for short girls.


Different Types of Prom Dress Ideas for Short Girls

Backless dresses that have spaghetti straps are a fantastic choice for short girls with a petite frame. What’s more, short girls are lucky as they can wear mini dresses and sexy high heels. In fact, when it comes to short dresses on short girls, any skirt goes, like tulle, pick-up, bubble hem or even a sleek mini.

If you would prefer a floor-length gown, be sure to pick a dress that is sleek and hugs your body and stay well away from larger ball gowns with tons of fabric that will overwhelm your figure. Be sure to check out the hottest prom dress styles on various retailers online and in your local area.

Prom Dress Shopping Tips for Short Girls

Overall, petite short girls should stick to shorter dresses for prom. Wearing a long dress can make dancing awkward and it can hide your legs. Ideally, the dress’s skirt should be just above or just below your knee.

What About the Shoes, the Earrings, the Hair, and the Makeup?

As any short girls know, it’s the shoes that can help make you look taller, and prom is no exception. One of the best ways to look taller for your prom night is to pick a dress and matching shoes. If you really want a patterned dress, make sure the pattern is small. Many short girls actually opt for fashionable booties with their prom dress to flow from the dress, show off their legs, and help make them look a little taller.

Take note though that short dresses that show off your gorgeous shoes do not look good with an ankle strap shoe. Instead, short girls prefer high heels for prom, and rightfully so.

We know that the accessories you land up choosing to go with your prom dress can actually make or break your entire look. So, it is extremely important that any accessories you decide to wear with your prom dress should not detract from the actual dress. Things like dangly earrings can be used to add a subtle touch to your prom outfit, but make sure they complement your dress.

Finally, your makeup and hair are also important for your overall look. Some girls prefer to pile their hair on top of their head and there are others who prefer to keep it soft and curled – it all depends on what you prefer, what suits your face, and what will complement your dress. Don’t forget that your makeup should match your dress and not detract from it.

Use these tips to bring all your elements together for a beautiful prom style.

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