How To Crack College

How To Crack College

Starting college can be a real shock to the system. The leap from school to college is big in terms of lifestyle and most importantly work load. You’re going from living with your family and easily juggling school, a social life, a part time job, and hobbies to suddenly having to fend for yourself, make new friends, manage your money, and managing enough work to fill the hours you’d expect from a full-time job. On top of all of this, you must handle the immense pressure to succeed. This isn’t easy for anyone to cope with so here are some tips to help you cope in this challenging time.

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What Managers Are Looking for in 2018

A guest post by Susana Kuehne

The year is ripe with opportunity, as college kids prepare for interviews in hope of finding their first real job after graduation or as adults in their current jobs explore what else might be out there. However, the competition is also steep, so you have to zone into what managers want and highlight it in your resume, cover letters, and interviews. After digging into the pool of information gathered from my experiences and the experiences of those in my broad network of friends and professionals, I gained helpful insight on how others can increase their chances of landing or acing an interview with companies such as Google, Roto-Rooter, Target, Re/Max Real Estate, Lockheed Martin, Morgan & Morgan, and more.
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