The Items You Should Always Keep In Your Handbag

Just like all the other accessories in your wardrobe, your handbag is a big part of your outfit. It helps to complete a look, make your outfit more dynamic, and ultimately, it’s the place to keep all the odds and ends you collect on your adventures. With the right bag on your arm, you look good, and you’re ready for anything!

But packing your handbag right is just as important as choosing the best one to go with your shoes and jacket. There are the obvious items, like your purse and a pair of sunglasses, but what else should go everywhere with you? Here’s a small list of items to pack that’ll keep you feeling more comfortable on your journey.

A Full Water Bottle

A water bottle will keep you hydrated as you go without any need to pay for drinks elsewhere. So, not only is this a convenient hack, but it’s also a money saving one! Sure it might make your bag a little heavier, but you can take a sip morning, noon, and evening and never have to worry about your lips or skin drying out in the weather again.

Some Mints Or Chewing Gum

If you’ve gone without eating for a while, or you didn’t have time to brush your teeth or stop for breakfast before heading out the door, a tube of mints or pack of chewing gum is a lifesaver. They can keep bad breath at bay throughout the day, which can easily happen if your stomach is churning out excess gas or you’ve just got a spot of morning breath left – don’t worry, it happens to us all!

Bug Repellent

If you’re going out during the warmer times of the month, it’s always good to have a small bottle of bug repellent in your bag, especially if you love hiking and/or taking the dog through fields and forests. When it comes to treating itchy legs, which you always tend to come home with afterwards, this tends to be the most common treatment. Bugs get everywhere, and we rarely feel them, so always go out prepared.

Hair Bands And Spray

You never know if the wind will change and blow your hair all over the place, so always have some spare hair bands and hair spray in your bag just in case. This way you can duck into a public bathroom, fish out your hand mirror, and tie it back with little to no fly-aways. You can come back out with a refined updo that’ll look just as natural as if you walked out of the house with it!

Roll-On Deodorant And Perfume

No matter the time of year, you might start sweating a little more than you’re used to. If you’ve been on a long walk or stuck in a hot waiting room for ages, you may find yourself perspiring and becoming uncomfortable. But if you’ve got a roll-on deodorant and a small bottle of perfume oil in your bag, you can refresh with a roll and a few spritzes without any issue.

A Tiny Toiletries Bag

If you’re subject to those times of the month, or you’ve got a kid that constantly gets their hands and face sticky when you’re out, a tiny toiletries bag is the best thing to have on hand. Here you can store sanitary towels/pads and tampons for emergencies, as well as a small pack of wet wipes for any clean up jobs.

Painkillers And Bandaids

A blister on your heel? A cut on your knee? A headache that’s come out of nowhere? You’ll need painkillers or a bandaid for all of these. Whether your shoes are rubbing or the lights in your work office are just really bad, you can dip into your bag for some first aid to make you comfortable again.

Lipstick/Balm And Concealer

If you don’t want to carry a whole makeup bag around with you, these are the two simple items to throw in instead. After all, if it’s winter time you don’t want to cake things on too much and dry your skin out, and in the summer the humidity is likely to peel a lot of it off anyway. So once you’ve put your makeup on, only take these two items with you to fix yourself up again if need be.

Packing a handbag tends to be last minute, but make sure you don’t forget about any of these items! They’ll really help throughout your day.

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