How To Crack College

Starting college can be a real shock to the system. The leap from school to college is big in terms of lifestyle and most importantly work load. You’re going from living with your family and easily juggling school, a social life, a part time job, and hobbies to suddenly having to fend for yourself, make new friends, manage your money, and managing enough work to fill the hours you’d expect from a full-time job. On top of all of this, you must handle the immense pressure to succeed. This isn’t easy for anyone to cope with so here are some tips to help you cope in this challenging time.


First things first, show up to your classes. This sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how quickly people adjust to a different schedule, enough so that getting up at a reasonable hour seems impossible. Treat college like a job and take it seriously. The amount you gain from going to class is huge and at the end of the day you’re paying for it so make the most of it. Make sure your laptop is always charged so that you can make thorough notes during classes and it’s best to double up with a Dictaphone too, so that you can go back and check anything you’re not sure of. Try to find the courage to ask questions during classes. This can be daunting in a large room full of people but it is crucial that you clarify any points you’re not sure of so you don’t lose track of your learning.

Time Management

The key to handling your workload is good time-management. Schedule solid study periods and be strict with yourself when it comes to sticking to them. Again, if you treat it like a job, you’ll find that more efficient use of time will mean that you end up with more time to relax and socialize. When deadlines are upon them some people buy an essay from one of the many companies who offer this service.


Something that a lot of people struggle with when it comes to college is the self-study aspect. You do receive guidance from your class teachers, but you need to be able to motivate yourself to do the reading they suggest. You will be so grateful that you have when it comes to deadlines and exam season as you will have already done most of the work and will be able to concentrate on writing up and revision. You’ll soon be able to recognize the people who do this compared to those who don’t from their general stress levels.

No matter what age you are when you decide to go to college it can be a steep mountain to climb when it comes to the change of lifestyle. There are certain things you can do to help yourself adjust and make the most of the opportunity to gain some fantastic qualifications. Treat your time at college like a full-time job; get up early to attend all of your classes, schedule slots for studying, and have a clear timeline of your deadlines so that you never get to a point where they become overwhelming for you. For more advice on how to tackle life’s challenges, take a look at my site: :).

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  1. Good thoughts. Author Cal Newport has a great book as well for college students. Wish I had it when I was at the University of Illinois. His last two books “Deepwork” and “Digital Minimalism” are also great. Keep up the great work.

  2. In deed, these are helpful strategies for students getting ready to take on the elevated challenge the college academic experience presents. I enjoyed your writing and positive tone you give to these guys. thank you!

  3. A necessary help for what the university life begins. Without place to doubts that they are tools to follow. A great contribution to your post.

  4. I just failed a semester and have to repeat all of my courses including the ones I got A’s in. It’s just how this school works. I failed the clinical portion and feel so lost right now. I guess I didn’t crack college yet…. 😓

    1. I’m sorry about it, but don’t give up and just keep going! All the best for you! ☺🌼

  5. I’m not even in college yet, but I’m almost there and this is definitely important to know because although a lot of the things you explained can be simple, simple things can be hard to do and easy to forget to do.
    This was great, I’m happy you posted this!!

  6. I found this really helpful to read on the run up to exams thanks for this it makes a huge difference to read someone else’s perspective.

  7. Reading is an excellent way to keep safe. I agree. My book is a heads up for new students about grooming. Grace shows what not to do in ‘What If I Go?’ See
    Thanks for raising awareness to vulnerable girls.
    Regards, Polly

  8. Thanks so much for you post! Just started my blog and would love your feedback… as to your post, You make great points, especially about time management, which can be the biggest problem for some in college.

  9. I love your advice that if you treat it like a job, you’ll find that more efficient use of time will mean that you end up with more time to relax and socialize. This is so true! Many times people procrastinate or get distracted which them makes them spend more time on a task that should have taken an hour. Wonderful post!

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