Why Being A Lifelong Learner Can Be A Lifelong Adventure

It doesn’t matter whether you are 4, 24 or 54, the concept of learning should be as exciting and as thrilling as ever. While as a 14 year old, you may have stared out of the window daydreaming about your favorite boyband or your upcoming trip to the cinema with pals at the weekend while your teacher was trying to teach you the joys of trigonometry, now that you are a little bit older the thought of learning new things holds your interest for a lit longer. You love the idea of learning something new every day to keep your brain in gear and to help you understand the wonder of the world.

Learning doesn’t have to be sitting in class, reading loads or attending university. Learning comes in all different shapes and sizes. Venturing onto the Internet, stumbling across a blog and reading about lifelong learning is, in itself, learning!

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Benefits Of Breast Milk for Baby and Mom

It is evident that your baby needs a lot of breast milk and this is more so in the first months of his life. The fact that every specialist from doctors to nutritionists will recommend breastfeeding your infant for at least six months exclusively should be enough to convince any mom. But what you might not know is that breast milk can also have some benefits for the mom. Perhaps knowing some of these benefits should give you a reason why you should not discard that extra breast milk that you pump.

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