Why Being A Lifelong Learner Can Be A Lifelong Adventure

It doesn’t matter whether you are 4, 24 or 54, the concept of learning should be as exciting and as thrilling as ever. While as a 14 year old, you may have stared out of the window daydreaming about your favorite boyband or your upcoming trip to the cinema with pals at the weekend while your teacher was trying to teach you the joys of trigonometry, now that you are a little bit older the thought of learning new things holds your interest for a lit longer. You love the idea of learning something new every day to keep your brain in gear and to help you understand the wonder of the world.

Learning doesn’t have to be sitting in class, reading loads or attending university. Learning comes in all different shapes and sizes. Venturing onto the Internet, stumbling across a blog and reading about lifelong learning is, in itself, learning!

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By exposing yourself to different cultures, people and places, you are inevitably soaking up new ideas, thoughts and perspectives. By being empathetic to different customs, you are learning about yourself and how you can cope overseas in different environments. You may have the chance to learn a new language, converse with new people and make lifelong friends. Ever fancied scaling the dizzying heights of Kilimanjaro or trekking through the rainforests of Brazil as you follow the Amazon river? Travelling can result in a wonderful learning adventure.

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Being able to satisfy a wanderlust craving is a life-affirming experience and one that is valued by employers when they see it on a resume. You haven’t just gained worthwhile knowledge, but you will have matured as a person, developing confidence, problem-solving and organisational skills.

Professional Development

Just because you have not attended university for a few years doesn’t mean you have to leave the world of academia behind altogether. Many people decide to study while working at the same time. Flexible courses like a masters in operations management are designed to fit in around your schedule. It’s flexible, can be done at your own pace and is wholly online. These postgraduate qualifications will enhance your resume, boost your earning potential and could see you achieve a promotion.

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New Skills

Learning new skills doesn’t have to occur in an education setting. Simply by following a new passion, you can develop your knowledge and understanding about a topic. If you’ve always fancied learning how to bake sweet treats, why not enroll yourself on a cake making course. This fun environment will give you practical hands on experience learning a craft and useful skills while meeting like-minded people along the way. Any new hobby will involve an element of learning that you can then pass on to others.

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Learning becomes more fun as you get older because you have more choice in what you learn and how you learn it. Although you might not understand the joy of learning as a youngster you now have a newfound appreciation for the learning adventure.

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  1. Learning is the means to continually re invent oneself.
    I learn constantly from my co workers, students, children, even my domestic help.
    Great topic Ula.
    And very well handled.🏆

  2. This is. Very inspiring post. Thank you for sharing. I’m 26, a single mom, and honestly, sometimes I think I don’t have remaining time to learn more. Sadly, I sometimes feel I am stuck at being a mom and that’s all. I hate myself for feeling that way, but to be honest yeah.

    1. You have all the time you need girl and much more, stay strong! If not now, wait a little 🙂🌺

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