7 Tips For Creating a Style That Pops

Hey now, life’s too short to stay stuck in the boring old colors. With so many options out there, there’s no reason not to push the boat out a little and find a style that really brings your personality to the front. However, the one problem that usually holds people back is that there are…well, too many options! To find your own style, you have to break down what style appeals to you, and then go big. Below, we offer seven ideas that’ll make you stand out at any event.


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Get Creative

You can’t create a poppin’ style without getting creative. Whereas so many people tend to follow what other people are wearing, if you want that bold and happening look you’ll need to actually put some thought into what you’re trying to achieve. You can find inspiration everywhere! If you see someone wearing a style that appeals to you, make a mental note of it: you’re not going to create a wholly original look; you’ll have a style that builds on what others have done before you, with your own slant on it.

Adding Accessories

Yes, your clothes are important…but they can only do so much. The best – and easy – way to go bold is to make the most of the accessories. These are the eye-catching pieces that can liven up any outfit! The sky’s the limit when it when comes to accessories: you could have a colorful scarf, headbands, pin badges that you wear on your body, flowers: you name it! Whatever will complement your style. Accessories are meant to be fun, and they can be added/removed at will, so go big.

Blingin’ it Up

There’ll be some days and nights when you want to have all eyes on you. For those events, there’s only one thing for it: you’ll need to have those standout pieces of jewelry that are capable of turning heads and making you feel like a million dollars. Gold bracelets and pendants, like those offered on frostnyc.com, can take your 8/10 outfit to an 11/10 outfit. When you’re wearing jewelry that makes a statement, you can get away with a plainer dressing style, as it’ll be the gold or silver that does most of the work!

Know the Rules, Then Break Them

Anyone who has even a vague understanding of style knows that there are some rules you just have to follow. But here’s where the fun comes in…because if you know the rules, you can break them. Who would ever have thought that wearing socks and sandals could be a good style? People are doing it, and it looks good. It’s pushing the boundaries of what looks good, which is what all bold styles that do. Remember: you can do whatever you want with style, so long as it’s coming from a place of knowledge.

Colors Are Your Friend

You don’t necessarily have to be reinventing the wheel when it comes to style…you can just as easily keep the actual clothing and matching relatively straightforward and traditional, but make your outfit come alive by playing with colors. A person with a strong sense of what colors work well with one another will always be able to dress well and make a statement. If you’re clueless when it comes to colors, take a look at thestylenote.com/2013/04/09/styling-101-color-combinations and begin your education.

Find Clothing That Makes You Comfortable

Now, you could go full on Paris catwalk and wear clothes that are bold, adventurous…effectively work of art, but how will you be able to go about your daily business? While being comfortable in your clothing isn’t quite as important as the style when it comes to making a statement, you can’t really have a popping style if you’re patently uncomfortable in what you’re wearing. If you want to stand out, you need to look relaxed and confident in what you’re wearing: even the best looks can look wrong if the person doesn’t look relaxed wearing it.

Be Yourself

The number one golden rule when it comes to having a popping style? Be yourself. You can’t wedge yourself into a look if you don’t really think it’s who you are as a person. However, it’s important that you don’t mistake being nervous to try something different with something “not being your style.” If you think you have a style in mind that represents who you want to be, but are nervous about putting yourself out there, we can only say: power through the initial awkward stage, and you’ll feel comfortable soon enough.

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  1. I am all for socks in sandals, because I GET BLISTERS, and then one has to wear bandaids, which looks ridiculous and afterwards the feet look ugly with the healing wounds. YES, definitely socks!!! 😀 😉
    Wild socks with stars or dots on … 😉

  2. You look very good and radiant! You give great tips to many people! I’m a simple person, the last two tips, I can best match! I wear where I feel most comfortable and I stay myself. Maybe I should dare to wear more color, because I’m quite colorless 😦 In recent years, I’m trying to wear more colors, but I have the urge at black and white, grey or earth colors and blue.
    Best regards, Heidi

    1. Thank you so much! ☺🌷Yea, maybe try with more colors, but for me it’s sounds quite good with the ones you mentioned 😊

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