7 Tips For Creating a Style That Pops

Hey now, life’s too short to stay stuck in the boring old colors. With so many options out there, there’s no reason not to push the boat out a little and find a style that really brings your personality to the front. However, the one problem that usually holds people back is that there are…well, too many options! To find your own style, you have to break down what style appeals to you, and then go big. Below, we offer seven ideas that’ll make you stand out at any event.


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Yes, that’s me 🙂


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When Cold Meets Hot

We all have our favorite seasons. There are those that love snuggling up in cozy knits, waiting for the winter to come rolling in; the ones who buy tights and boots and cardigans ready for the autumn winds; those who invest in floral prints ready for the first petals of spring; and then there are the ones who completely lose it and go crazy for the summer trends. But what if you aren’t too hot on the warmer weather clothing? What if you’re a winter warrior and don’t know where to start?

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