5 Amazing Things To See In Egypt

As one of the true seats of ancient civilization, Egypt remains one of the most fascinating places in the world to visit. Unlike many other areas where civilizations sprung up thousands of years ago, Egypt has proven to be incredibly durable, with many of its old buildings and monuments still standing to this day. Frankly, there’s so much to see throughout this almost mystical country it’s hard to narrow down the options. But these are certainly among the five most amazing things to see during a visit.


The Pyramids Of Giza

We’ve all grown used to fictional interpretations and lore associated with the Egyptian pyramids. We’ve seen them presented in video games, films, etc., sometimes embellished and sometimes shown faithfully. Whatever you may think you know about the pyramids, however, seeing them in person is an experience unlike any other. The pyramids are just a short distance from Cairo, such tat getting there is as straightforward as hopping on the No. 355 bus from the city. From there you’ll reach the very same spot where the pyramids were built some 4,600 yeas ago, and where they still stand today. As a bonus, you’ll also get to see the Sphinx – perhaps Egypt’s most famous monument aside from the pyramids themselves.


The Valley Of The Kings

We mentioned that the pyramids are sometimes interpreted in various animations and games, and one such game – the Treasure Nile online slot arcade – pitches itself with about as accurate a statement as one could make on ancient Egypt. Says the game’s description, the mysteries of the Egyptian pyramids are still being unraveled to this day. This is certainly true as stated – but it’s even more true of the Valley Of The Kings, the legendary burial ground near the city of Luxor. While many look at the pyramids as the tombs of great Egyptian pharaohs, many of the ancient nation’s mighty rulers were actually laid to rest in this more nondescript area. Indeed, just recently news was circulating that the 3,500-year-old tomb of a royal goldsmith had been unearthed!

Karnak Weltwunder Temple Egypt Antiquity

The Temple Of Karnak

The Temple of Karnak is sometimes lumped in with the Valley Of The Kings as a single destination, and is also in close proximity to Luxor. “Temple” is also a somewhat misleading title, as this is more of an entire complex of temples and monuments – almost like a miniature town made of gigantic structures. Built by numerous successive Egyptian rulers, it’s like a visual symbol of one-upmanship among great, ancient figures. While it is not as striking in a postcard image or as notorious in history books, the complex is in ways almost as awe-inspiring as the pyramids.


Abu Simbel

The Abu Simbel Temples are a little bit out of the way compared to other noteworthy Egyptian attractions. Indeed, they’re so far south that they nearly border the Sudan, sitting on Lake Nasser just a short distance north of where it crosses the same border. But should you get the chance to visit them, you won’t be disappointed. These are massive sculpture-like structures built into large, cliff-like mounds rising out of flat surroundings. They were built by the legendary Ramesses II (or “Ramesses The Great”), who is also called Ozymandias in some historical accounts, and who is recognized as one of the more accomplished of the pharaohs.



It doesn’t always register among traditional Egyptian attractions, but we’re following the lead of a popular travel site in pointing it out. That site referred to Aswan as Egypt’s most tranquil town, set right on the Nile, where bright orange dunes make up much of the bank. You can ride a camel, take a ferry to Elephantine Island, or dine on a cruising restaurant. But best of all is simply to relax and gaze upon perhaps the most important river in the history of the world, and imagine what humans 3-and 4,000 years ago were up to in the very same spot.

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  1. Egypt ‘s a great land to wayfarers around the world, lovely places in a cradle of ancient civilizations. I love egyptian culture and great keepsakes in my eyes from time ago, Egyptis a culture in movement more than Nile river.
    If you’re a lover of culture then you’re a lover of egyptian things.
    Kisses from Spain

  2. Great post. I was there in 1997. The most awesome country to visit. So many amazing things to see, so much culture, so much history and the most amazing people. Thanks for reminding me! X

  3. A journey into the past is always fascinating, but it is nice to return to the present and appreciate their beliefs from the comfort of today. Nice post and lovely pictures.

  4. Regrettably not been yet, though my wife has. I want to go to complete my hat-trick of Ancient civilisations. I’ve done Athens and Rome. My wife said the Valley of Kings and Queens was her highlight, and that the Cairo museum is magnificent.

  5. Amazing photos!! I would love to visit Egypt, my grandfather lived there for 35 years but had to go back to Lebanon before I was born! Thank you for sharing, if i ever go to egypt, i’ll make sure to check out these places!!

  6. I visited Egypt. It wasn’t what I expected. The pyramids are right there with the city, but so cool. The pictures (like yours, the ones I took and the ones in movies and other pictures) make it appear that they are way out by themselves. Our guide says he loves to tell people that the sphinx is hungry, because he’s “looking at” a Pizza Hut and KFC (which he also likes to tell people stands for “Kentucky Fried Camel” in Egypt.

  7. I’ve been to Egypt before, but there are so many things I didn’t see. The Valley of the Kings and Queens sounds wonderful. I also love that a 3,500-year-old tomb of a royal goldsmith was found. These historical tidbits are fascinating tidbits into the past.

  8. “like a visual symbol of one-upmanship among great, ancient figures.”

    That one line made The Temple of Karnak the most fascinating attraction of them all! I’m a big fan of ancient history and the progression of humanity from its early stages right up until today, so the idea of successive rulers competing for grandeur as the centuries whiz by is right up my alley!

    The missus has always listed Egypt as one of her top visits in life; if we ever make it out there Karnak now tops my list. Thanks for the insight, Ula!


  9. Egypt is admirable with its rich culture, great architecture and mysterious history! It attracts many tourists and speaks to the imagination 🙂 Thanks for sharing these great tips regarding these amazing places!
    Sincerely, Heidi

  10. Amazing and you definitely right.. I am european but I lived in Egypt for a few years and I take Egypt as my homeland..if you ate interested you can see my profile. I wrote about a lot of places and habits etc…i think you will enjoy..


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