Incredible Holidays Of A Lifetime For Nature Lovers

If you love nothing better than getting up close and personal to wildlife of all shapes and sizes, then the chances are you are looking for a vacation that will satisfy your craving to see animals in their natural habitat. Whether you are obsessed by the elusive polar bear, the majestic elephant or the silverback gorilla, there are now holidays that cater for your dreams of immersing yourself in the wild.

Many people are wary of treading in the footsteps of animals and are unsure of intruding upon a natural habitat. However, there are a range of expert and specialist tours that ensure tourists can venture into an animal’s kingdom without putting the creature, its food or its home at risk. Take a look at these once in a lifetime opportunities to explore habitats you have only read about in books and seen in wildlife documentaries on your television screen.

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Kenyan Safari

Heading to the Masai Mara and having the privilege of watching the migration of the great wildebeest sounds like nothing more than a dream. However, you could find yourself out on the savanna in your well-protected jeep with other like-minded nature lovers trying to keep cool from the heat of the midday sun as you observe giraffes at a watering hole and catch sight of lionesses encircling their prey. If a safari takes your fancy, ensure that you opt for a tour operator that puts conservation at the heart of their trips.

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Follow In Darwin’s Footsteps

There aren’t many better tours for naturalists than a jaunt to the islands where Charles Darwin formulated his theory of evolution. By setting sail on a Galapagos cruise, you’ll be able to see the varied and mystical volcanic landscapes of these islands. You’ll be able to marvel at the giant tortoises, the marine iguanas, and the huge albatrosses. Sailing around the Galapagos means you’ll have the opportunity to see wildlife that you will have no chance of spotting anywhere else on Earth. This would be a trip that would be nearly impossible to beat and would see your mind blown.

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See The Orangutans

If you’ve loved primates ever since singing along with King Louis in The Jungle Book, you might want to take an adventure off the beaten track to the rainforests of Borneo to get up close and personal to the orangutans. With a core value of conservation, these tours pay for the preservation of the natural habitat of these apes. You’ll have the opportunity to track orangutans in the Sabah region of the country, taking in the jungle flora and fauna along the way. You may even spot the Sumatran rhino or clouded leopard as you venture deep into the forest.

Heading out on a wildlife adventure is the ultimate chance to get close to nature. You’ll be able to observe masterful, exquisite and beautiful creatures in their own habitats and feel as though you are walking through your own nature documentary or sitting somewhere covered with a blanket. When you plan your next holiday, it’s time to think about visiting the habitat of your favorite animal.

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  1. Reading your blog and seeing the African photographs, really made me want to go on an African Safari, and the values of conversation are really the right way to go. Great post! 😉

  2. Merci pour ces belles photos et vos conseils. Vous feriez un bon guide touristique;
    Bonne soirée
    Thank you for these beautiful photos and your advice. You would make a good tour guide;
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  3. Great . During the last few months of Travel, I too have come across few of most beautiful creations of Nature – A Pink Pigeon , A White Peacock and some other delightful species.

  4. It must be a great feeling to be among the wildlife, to observe them and as a photographer to capture them 🙂 By booking our holiday this year we doubt about going to Africa to see the wildlife or to go east. In the end we chose Sri Lanka and saw many elephants. Maybe we travel to Africa another time. Thanks for the tips!
    Best regards, Heidi

  5. It must be a heavy(p) belief to be among the wildlife, to remark them and as a lensman to capture them 🙂 By engagement our holiday this year we doubtfulness about going to Africa to visit the wildlife or to go east.

  6. I LOVE this! I’m such a fan of anything to do with wildlife!! All of them sound incredible! Really good tips! Yesterday I swam with turtles and it was one of the best moments of my life- check out my post on it!

  7. Hi, I have read some of your blog posts and I absolutely love them. It seems you know exactly what going on safari is like. I am currently a field guide in South Africa and am trying to share my experiences with everyone. It would be greatly appreciated if you have a look at my blog and let me know what you think. Many thanks in advance.

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