Walls in our home

My husband and I, we started talking about how we would like to decorate our house much before we got married ☺.

We talked what interior design styles we like and what rooms should be in our house and which are not necessary. We both are not huge fans of big things, so as you can guess we would like a small, but very nice house.

Picture from desenio.com

One of our favorite interior design styles is Scandinavian style which is simple, contemporary and functional with gentle contours and a balance of engineered and organic materials. Also, Scandinavian interiors use white with grey tones as the foundation colors which I really like a lot (I love white!) ☺.

Even though, we don’t live in our own house yet (working on that ☺ ), we, of course, wanted to make the place we live in as our “home sweet home” ☺. When we looked at our walls, we noticed how empty they are and we thought why not put up some posters. We couldn’t find anything better than Desenio which offers wall art with Scandinavian design. We ordered a bunch of posters from their website and we’ve decided to use a few of them and leave the rest for our future home ☺.

The funny thing was that we couldn’t decide which poster to put in the middle, because one is my favorite and the other one is my husband’s favorite. So if you want, you can help us decide which one fits best ☺.

My husband’s choice ☺:


Or mine ☺:


Our posters say:

“What I love most about my home is who I share it with” ☺❤


“Together is our favorite place to be” ☺❤

Orchid (the flower) that you can see in a picture was a gift from my husband ❤😍 on my name day (I’m Polish and in Poland we celebrate names, similar to birthdays) ☺. It was a very sweet gesture from him ❤😍☺.

I would love to show you some other inspirations from Desenio website which I really like:

Picture from desenio.com

I like the botanical posters and prints they have in their offer ☺.

Picture from desenio.com

And the nature wall art is beautiful as well ☺, but of course you might like something completely different like fashion or vintage.

Desenio was great enough to give all my followers 25% discount code: simpleula on your purchase at their online store ☺.

The code “simpleula” gives 25% off posters* between 31st October – 2nd November.
*Except for handpicked-/collaboration posters and frames


Sponsored by Desenio

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128 thoughts

  1. I like your husbands choice. I like how the picture draws the eyes in. It also seems to make the area larger. Also the size of the poster fits better.
    I love your picture as well, but in this spot his feels like it belongs there 🙂
    Great taste tho. I have a large picture above my couch that I want to get rid of and add a family tree type wall art. Where there is a tree (like a brass one or something like that) and family pictures above the branches!
    Of course I would take all the pictures 🙂

  2. They are both beautiful posters but I think your husbands is more of a Wow. Pulling the two smaller frames in a little so there is a gap between them and the door will make for a much better design.
    You two are working together and that makes for a long relationship of happiness.

  3. I like both pictures actually. They are very different and not really comparable.

    But in the context with the other two frames on the wall, I would prefer your husband’s choice.

    Scandinavian design can be quite charming. They also do some very beautiful modern teak furniture.

  4. Your place looks great! Thanks for telling me about Desenio, I need some black and white art for my walls! I like your husband’s picture in the centre best.

  5. You need a second wall that way you two can share a central location and then enjoy both the posters and each other. Nice simplistic taste, my son Raven enjoys and studies a great deal about the Scandinavian culture. Just remember what ever you do in life live it to the fullest.

  6. I always admire those with a talent to fill a home with the perfect wall designs. I liked your design better as the larger picture filled the wall better. Good luck with your interior design projects.

  7. Great article Ula! And timely, because my wife and I just moved into our new home, and are decorating as you and your husband are. Of the two photographs you showed, I like the first one, because it seems to match the decor and the sentiment, seems to match how you feel about the home you’re creating with your husband. Good luck! with the decorations 😉 excited to see how it turns out for you guys.

  8. Hi Ula,

    Great post. Getting a home ready is a cool thing. The reason I picked you hubby’s picture is because the center picture actually opens up the wall. It is a tunnel or a hall and visually it opens the space and draw as your eyes to the design.

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    Thank you again for your support,


  9. Your home is beautiful. I believe thoughtful, witty and loving posters create good Feng shui in a home. I have them everywhere. Keeps our sanity and motivates us to love harder. Lol

  10. Hi Ula,

    Your home is beautiful with wonderful posters. Congratulations on starting a new family. May God bless you and your family.

    Many thanks for the likes and follow on my posts and blog. I greatly appreciate it 🙂

    Have a lovely day!


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