My first birthday as a wife and the best birthday in my life

My husband ❤ made my 29th birthday so special that I was speechless not only once, but a couple of times in one day ☺. He started this day with making breakfast for me by himself ☺. It was so very sweet of him and I really enjoyed having breakfast together in bed 😍.


On the actual birthday (which was on Thursday) my hubby ❤ gave me these beautiful roses 😍, which I didn’t expect at all, (because we said we will celebrate my birthday on Saturday). So it was very thoughtful of him! 😍

After we had breakfast and a sweet talk ☺. We started getting ready to go out, because my love made plans for the whole day 😍.

First, we went to the Japanese restaurant and ordered sushi (my favorite!) and my husband told me that he wants to take me for a picnic to the park (he knows what I reeeally like) 😍. Unfortunately, it was very cold on this day so we decided that we’ll eat in the car and then we’ll go for a short walk – we had so much fun! 😃😍

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After the awesome time in the park, we drove to (we call it:) our restaurant  (where we’ve been celebrating the most important things in our lives since we met) ☺ and we had super lovely time there, having our favorite Thai dishes. We talked a lot about the times we spent there when we were boyfriend and girlfriend and here we are right now as husband and wife ☺.


When we got home, my hubby ❤ set up a birthday cake (which was pretty good!) he got for me, the flowers, the gift and the card 😍☺. I couldn’t believe that he’s bought for me a camera which I wanted for so long! 😃 That was a truly big surprise for me! ☺



Even though the gift was so awesome, the card my love ❤ wrote for me is the thing I love going back to so many times and read it all over again – it’s just the sweetest thing for me to read! 😍


At the end of this amazing day, my hubby gave me a massage 😍, but I couldn’t be so selfish and I gave him one as well ☺. Anyway, it’s a thing we both really enjoy and try to do it at least twice a week ☺.


All in all, my 29th birthday was the best birthday I have ever had and it’s all thanks to my sweet, amazing husband! ❤


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354 thoughts on “My first birthday as a wife and the best birthday in my life

  1. Wow, you are so in love. That is so beautiful. There is nothing more important in the world than finding the right person for you. Gratulacje! 🙂

  2. Sorry for the late wishes, but still congratulations with your 29 birthday and first birthday as a wife! You are spoiled by your sweet and thoughtful husband 🙂 Now you can also capture many beautiful memories with your new camera 🙂 Enjoy it!
    Best regards, Heidi

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