Delicious & Healthy Choice During My Pregnancy

Now more than ever I am careful what I put inside of my body (and on it, of course). Before making a grocery list, V and I check what is healthy to eat during a particular time of my pregnancy. Do we concentrate on baby’s brain, bones or maybe other organs?

My Evive Smoothie πŸ™‚

Who Does All The Cooking?

Women who go through pregnancy without their partners – I’m sending you much respect!

I have no idea what I would do without V. In my first trimester I was tired pretty often, now in my second trimester if I stand too long, my back starts hurting. That being said, my cooking has to wait till I’m back from this pregnancy journey :). Thank God for my V who does all the cooking. He even grates 15 potatoes by hand :). I’m craving lots of Polish food, that’s why potatoes :).

Main Focus

We all know that fruits and vegetables are the best when it comes to keep yourself and baby healthy. That’s why when it comes to breakfast and lunch I choose Evive Smoothie as a meal replacement. They offer organic blends full of protein, fruits and vegetables. Exactly what my baby and I need. The best part is that I just need some water, a glass and a straw, but no blender. How convenient and easy is that?! However, during these summer hot days, I use a blender to crush some ice with the smoothie.

You can use code: simpleula to get 2 free smoothies, 1 vegetable milk and 1 bamboo straw on your first order :).

As you can see, I did use a blender (which V washed for me), because I added some crushed ice πŸ™‚

I was trying to think of one favorite blend, but it’s hard to choose, because all of them are very delicious. I do like the one you can see in the pictures a lot, which is Asana blend and Pure, especially in the morning. Their blends are available online and at the stores across Canada (yes, they are Canadian company) :).

My Taste Buds Are Not Mine

It is so funny how my baby is dictating my taste buds. Sometimes I just really need to listen to my body and who’s inside of me :). To be honest with you, it is so much easier to eat healthy and watch what I eat now (compared to the first few months). I hope it’ll stay this way till the end of my pregnancy.

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  1. You and the baby crave Polish food? Good sign, as we already know one way the baby will take after mother! You might want to give things a year or two until the baby develops manual dexterity, but the kid should be making pierogi by age three. Start those lessons early!

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