Delicious & Healthy Choice During My Pregnancy

Now more than ever I am careful what I put inside of my body (and on it, of course). Before making a grocery list, V and I check what is healthy to eat during a particular time of my pregnancy. Do we concentrate on baby’s brain, bones or maybe other organs?

Who Does All The Cooking?

Women who go through pregnancy without their partners – I’m sending you much respect!

I have no idea what I would do without V. In my first trimester I was tired pretty often, now in my second trimester if I stand too long, my back starts hurting. That being said, my cooking has to wait till I’m back from this pregnancy journey :). Thank God for my V who does all the cooking. He even grates 15 potatoes by hand :). I’m craving lots of Polish food, that’s why potatoes :).

Main Focus

We all know that fruits and vegetables are the best when it comes to keep yourself and baby healthy. That’s why when it comes to breakfast and lunch I choose Evive Smoothie as a meal replacement. They offer organic blends full of protein, fruits and vegetables. Exactly what my baby and I need. The best part is that I just need some water, a glass and a straw, but no blender. How convenient and easy is that?! However, during these summer hot days, I use a blender to crush some ice with the smoothie.

You can use code: simpleula to get 2 free smoothies, 1 vegetable milk and 1 bamboo straw on your first order :).

As you can see, I did use a blender (which V washed for me), because I added some crushed ice 🙂

I was trying to think of one favorite blend, but it’s hard to choose, because all of them are very delicious. I do like the one you can see in the pictures a lot, which is Asana blend and Pure, especially in the morning. Their blends are available online and at the stores across Canada (yes, they are Canadian company) :).

My Taste Buds Are Not Mine

It is so funny how my baby is dictating my taste buds. Sometimes I just really need to listen to my body and who’s inside of me :). To be honest with you, it is so much easier to eat healthy and watch what I eat now (compared to the first few months). I hope it’ll stay this way till the end of my pregnancy.

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  1. You and the baby crave Polish food? Good sign, as we already know one way the baby will take after mother! You might want to give things a year or two until the baby develops manual dexterity, but the kid should be making pierogi by age three. Start those lessons early!

  2. Please let us know her name, its really good because my sister is also pregnant and already thought the names were gonna put!

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