The story of my first glasses and why I chose Zeelool

For a couple of years, I wasn’t able to see things which were far and I was terrified about the fact of wearing glasses. That’s why I was always avoiding a visit to the eye doctor. One day though, my husband convinced me (he wears glasses since he was a little and cute 🙂 boy ❤) and took me with him for to the optometrist and my life has changed forever… I’ve found out that my husband and I have (almost) the same astigmatism in one eye and the doctor was amazed by that, because he said it happens very rarely that two people have the same one (and are so close to each other 🙂 ). Also (the real reason my life has changed 😀 ), I’ve found out that, of course, I need to wear glasses, not always, but whenever I want to see things far. Wow, let me tell you, the world with glasses on is so much nicer and clearer! 🙂

My glasses

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The Short Girl’s Guide To Prom Shopping

One thing that is important to realize is that there is no one single prom dress that looks the same on all body types. Prom dresses are a case by case and figure by figure basis. Most girls pick prom dresses that flatter their figure, and short girls, especially, often choose empire waists. They should stay away from full skirts. But if you are short and have your heart set on a full skirt for prom, make sure the top of your dress is tight and fitted.

Here are more tips for short girls.


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Four Exercises That All Women Need To Be Doing

Building up your strength is an important way to take care of your body and your health. You will be stronger, have better posture, and will fit your clothes better too. But for women especially, there are endless reasons why using strength training can be beneficial. It can help mental health as well as physical, as it can act as a release or a stress buster. So why should women be hitting the gym and doing strength training? If those reasons, weren’t enough, here are some workouts that women especially need to be doing. So why not give them a try next time you’re out in the gym?

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9 Items Every Woman Must Have

When it comes to fashion, there’s nothing more important than the items we choose as our go-to items. You know, the ones we really rely on when we’re in a pickle. The ones that we can throw on at a moment’s notice and know we look good. There are certain items that every woman needs to own to make life that bit easier. Here’s a list of things women shouldn’t go without.

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