Can’t Stand The Heat? 5 Ways To Stay Cool At Home This Summer

Summer is in full swing, the sun is blazing hot outside, and you are desperate to cool down. You head indoors hoping to get a little solace from Earth’s burning star, but your home is no escape. It’s as hot indoors as it is outdoors. What are you supposed to do? Short of taking a bath filled with ice or sticking your head in the refrigerator for an hour, there are other, perhaps more sensible things you can do when the weather gets you down. Here are five ways to stay cool at home this summer.

You’re going to need a bigger fan (image source)

1. Block the windows

Sorry sun, but you just ain’t allowed in. Head over to a specialist online store – we are quite fond of – and purchase something to keep out that unwanted heat. Blackout curtains, blinds, sun films, shades… pick up what you can. According to the experts, putting up a pair of window blinds (and closing them) can lower temperatures indoors up to 20 degrees, so you no longer have to boil like a lobster in your own living space.

2. Utilize your fans

Here’s a neat trick we picked up online. Position a bowl of ice in front of a fan, and the fan’s breeze will create a chilly mist as it blows away at the ice! Magical! Even without a bowl of ice, you should still set your fans at maximum power, angling them to give you the full benefit of their breezy power. Then adjust your ceiling fans. They need to be set to run counter-clockwise over the summer, and again, set them at maximum power if you are desperate for that cooler air.

3. Change your bedding

It’s a nightmare when you can’t sleep, tossing and turning all night for whatever reason. I gave you some tips on my website a while ago – read the article at – but one thing we didn’t cover in our otherwise Pulitzer-prize winning piece was the problem of heat. If you are building up a sweat beneath the bed sheets, it’s time to replace them with something else. The smart move is to purchase cotton sheets, as they are crisp and cool to sleep on. You should also do something about your pillow, so check out the article on the very best pillows to cool your sun-fevered brow.

4. Open your windows at night

The temperatures may be at boiling point during the day, but hopefully, there will be a significant drop in temperature during the night. So crank your windows open and let that cool air in. Not only will you sleep better at night, but the rooms in your home will be cooler in the morning. Remember to put up netting on your windows, however, especially if the area you live in is prone to the odd mosquito or two during the summer months.

5. Stay out of the kitchen

Can’t stand the heat? Then stay out of the kitchen. Literally. You don’t want to add to the hot temperature by turning your oven on, so do the sensible thing, and do your cooking outside on whatever grill setup you have in your yard. Alternatively, whip up a dish best served cold, with some of the delicious recipes at Yummy!

Final word

There you have it, five ways to stay cool, and you didn’t even need to turn on the aircon. I hope you found my ideas useful, but if you have any chilling ideas of your own, be sure to let me know your tips for this hot summer season.

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50 thoughts

    1. My husband and I usually disagree on this one!! He likes windows open all year round – even if an icy blast is blowing straight in during a January night and I have to dress for bed like Nora Batty (you won’t know who she is, and don’t bother looking her up – it’ll scare you 🤣) but with these temperatures, I’m in total agreement about windows open at night 💫

      1. 😂😂😂 you’re funny! I hope you’ll stay warm in winter! 🙂🌹

  1. I love the heat! I’d rather be working in the yard, sweating, on a 90 degree day than be out there on a 65 degree day with no sun. 🏖️🌞

  2. well said and good advices. I did all except no.4. It gets too noisy when open the bedroom windows and ended up I could not sleep all night.

    Yes, it is bloody hot in Copenhagen too, except yesterday and today. It is pretty cool at 13C and oh boy what a nice break from the heat:)

  3. I find that not using the aircon until you have no choice is really smart because once you turn it on you are in trouble whenit is off. I do remember not having aircon growing up in the South USA.

    1. 😃 I hope that you’ll have a chance to go somewhere soon then! ☺🌻

  4. Very good tips! I’m always in the kitchen with the stove on cooking something every week. No wonder why I can’t cool down! Lol!

    1. 😆 we always open all the windows, but that doesn’t always help either if it’s super hot outside 🌞

  5. I do all of those, with the exception of staying out of the kitchen. I just can’t help myself. The kitchen is always where I feel the most comfortable, unless I am in the water, swimming or diving. 🙂

  6. I never EVER thought we might need these tips in UK – but (drum roll) it’s actually been warm and muggy for weeks. Like the change of bedding best – cool cotton sheets, yummy.

  7. It’s so hard to not cook/bake when I really want those yummy dishes during summer haha but it definitely keeps the temperature down inside!

  8. Awesome tips, Ula!! A while back, I remember someone telling me about that fan trick but I had completely forgotten about it. Also, tonight I might stay out of the kitchen area….and just go out to eat instead 😂 hehe! Chicago has been up and down with the heat, and it’s been super humid the last couple of days, so I needed these tips!

    1. Thank you! Lately it’s been very humid here as well 🙋🏻‍♀️☺🌸

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