Why I’ve Decided to Support a 4-year-old’s Creativity

I’ve been around kids since I was a little girl. I’m the youngest in my family, so that being said, I’ve become an aunt when I was only six years old. You may not know this, but I was also working with kids for eight years. I used to be a teacher and I really enjoyed my work.  The main thing I love about kids is their pure happiness which comes from small things and creativity with no barriers.

My T-shirt

When I first found out about t-shirts which are designed by a 4-year-old, I quickly googled it to find out more about it.

Juvenile Virtuoso is a “small family owned t-shirt company that seeks to capture the striking beauty of our world through the fresh eyes of child artists”. After I reached out to them, they were more than happy to send me one of their t-shirts which showcases the young artist’s pencil drawing of a hippo.

Gifted_kid_artist, whose name is Walter, was only 4 years old when he did his first drawing for Juvenile Virtuoso. His parents said that “sitting and focusing on his work has a calming effect” on their son.


From my own experience, I really enjoyed seeing my students when they were 100% focused on a task they have in front of them. How so motivated they are to put their vision on a piece of paper. It’s like the whole world doesn’t exist and even if there is noise around them, they are still in their own precious world.  I was really happy to see what Walter’s parents did with his artwork. I was even happier when I put on my t-shirt and I could feel what a great quality it is!

Last, but not least, what’s even more greater is that 10% of all sales are donated to Arts for Healing, Inc., which provides integrated art and music therapy to a special needs population of all ages and abilities. In addition, there are plans to feature some of the artwork produced by Arts for Healing clients in the Juvenile Virtuoso T-shirt line.

I cannot wait to see what the kid artists will come up with next! 🙂


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  1. Good for you! I know many people hate kids, but I feel like if you engage with them through something they like, they will light up

  2. Children have their own beautiful world and they are far more better than us at concentration and focus..we should learn from them..stunning t-shirt by the way🤗🤗👍🏻

  3. My grandson is autistic and he’s great with puzzles, I don’t know if they’ve given him art to do. I will suggest it, especially since many in our family are artists anyway.

  4. That’s some great parenting! When I wanted to do art, my mom said not to bother cause I’d never make money from it haha nice 👌🏼

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