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This past year, I’ve discovered many beauty products. Some of the goodies I’ve been using for more than one year. I receive many DM’s and e-mails with questions, such as: what are my favorite mascaras are or what cream I am currently using. I’ve decided to create a list of some new and some old favorite beauty products I will still use in 2019.

Clarins: Double Serum

I cannot imagine my morning without this serum. It hydrates so beautifully and smells very (very!) nice! I’ve noticed that my skin is much firmer and have much fewer lines. What I also like about this product is that it is a “cocktail of plant extracts”.

Angela Caglia Skincare: Rose Quartz Facial Roller

This facial roller is made of real rose quartz so that’s the biggest plus for me. It is not only my favorite, but also V’s (my husband’s). We love to use it on each other just before we go to bed. It makes us very relaxed and ready to bed. It boosts circulation and de-puffs very effectively. That being said, I also like using it every morning just after I wake up, especially under my eyes.

Clarins: Multi-Active Eye

Once I turned 30, I’ve started using this eye gel-cream along with the cream below. It is a great puffiness fighter for eyes and very refreshing for the morning.

Clarins: Multi-Active Day Cream-Gel

This moisturizer makes your face glowing all day long. Very light and great base under foundation. I’ve been using it for three months now and will get a new one probably in a month or so. If you’re in your 30s I highly recommend it.

Fresh: Rose Water Toner

This product I keep in my bag all the time. It is alcohol-free mist toner, so it is very easy to use when you’re on-the-go. Great refreshment and hydration during the busy day.

Clarins: Super Volume Mascara

Whenever I wear this mascara, I’m asked if I have eyelash extensions. Of course, my answer is no. I also believe that thanks to this mascara and its “Volume Boost” complex, my eyelashes got thicker and longer.

Clarins: Skin Illusion Natural Radiance Foundation SPF 10

When it comes to my foundation, I used to use the Estee Lauder Double Wear one, but after discovering the Skin Illusion from Clarins, I never went back to Double Wear. It works so perfectly with my skin that sometimes you barely can notice that I do have a makeup on. It is oil-free and very hydrating.

Coola: Sunless Tan Dry Oil Mist

I use many self-tanning products, but what I like the most about this one is that it dries very fast. If I go somewhere and need a little bit more tan, I would reach out for this mist. It is also botanically rich and 70%+ certified organic.

Clarins: Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector

I like this lip gel so much that I have it in three colors: apricot shimmer, rosewood shimmer and toffee pink shimmer. I wear it alone and apply it on top of my lipstick to get a little bit of shimmer. It smells very deliciously. The biggest plus for me is that one of the ingredients is shea butter.

Voir Haircare: Walk In The Sun Hair Oil

After washing my hair, I always put a little bit of this oil on my hair to give a smooth look and amazing smell. Rosehip, jojoba and avocado oil are some of the ingredients, which I really appreciate and I’m sure my hair, as well.

Clarins: Pore Perfecting Mattifying Blotting Paper Kit

It is another thing I keep in my bag all the time. I have a combination skin, so it is very useful for a little touch up during a busy day or a romantic night.

There are some more products I use every now and then, but these are definitely my favorite ones :).

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  1. Oooo, looks like I should check out some of these beauty products! I love comparing beauty products with people, it opens up to new things! ✨

  2. I love rose water toners. I use one by a different brand but the idea is the same. So refreshing and smells delightful!

    1. I’ve read many comments that, especially the creams I’ve mentioned, are great for sensitive skin ☺🌼

  3. You seemed to really like Clarins products last year! Maybe I need to look into them more. I’ve also hear their lip oil is like a holy grail product for dry lips.

    1. I’ve never tried this lip oil yet, but heard many great things, as well ☺ and yes, I do have lots of Clarins products in my makeup drawers 😃🌼

    1. 😃👍 I use soooo many products from them (more than I’ve mentioned here) ☺🌸

  4. I’ve been looking into rollers! How do your eye creams lay under makeup? I find mine are always too heavy and cause concealer to crease.

    1. The one I’ve mentioned here works perfectly, because my skin absorbs it very well so I have no issues to put on the makeup after ☺🌷

    1. I went through some comments on their website and many people with sensitive eyes wrote that it’s good ☺🌸

  5. Great tips! I really enjoy recommendations from fellow enthusiasts and love to review and add to that collective knowledge on my own blog. Us ladies and beauty loving boys have a duty to keep each other in the loop of the best products! I will be following you from now on xx

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this! I love getting good recommendations for products like these. I’m definetely following! I just started my blog and it would mean the world to me if you could check it out! <3

  7. Thank you for sharing 🙂 I love that Fresh rose water toner too it’s amazing! I wanna buy that rose quartz facial roller too but I’m not sure how to use it 😁

    1. Yay and actually it’s very easy to use, you can check Angela’s instagram account – she has lots of tutorials there! ☺ 🌹

  8. Hi!! New to blogging here, and I’m really into all things beauty, so this was a really cool post!! I notice you’re a big fan of clarins and was wondering your skin type and what got you into that brand?

    1. Thank you for stopping by 🌺and you should stay tuned, because tomorrow I’m sharing another post about beauty products! ☺ I have a combination skin and I tried one thing a long time ago and then start using more and more of their products ☺🌺

      1. Ooo yay!! I’ll check it out:) I always seem to try new skin care products all the time and I love them at first and then feel they don’t work as well haha so I’m excited for your post!!

      2. The post will go up next Tuesday 🙈, sorry for the confusion ☺🌹

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