Best Of Beauty From 2018

Best Of Beauty From 2018

This past year, I’ve discovered many beauty products. Some of the goodies I’ve been using for more than one year. I receive many DM’s and e-mails with questions, such as: what are my favorite mascaras are or what cream I am currently using. I’ve decided to create a list of some new and some old favorite beauty products I will still use in 2019.

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Not Feelin’ Yourself? These Tips Will Change That!

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder – but as anyone will know, not feeling happy with the way you look can easily bring you down. The average person will experiment with a number of different looks in their lives (awkward teenage goth phase, anyone?), before finally settling on a style they feel comfortable with. Similarly, the average person is also likely to fluctuate regarding their weight, and in their approach to health and beauty before finally plateauing with a consistent routine. But what happens if this doesn’t happen, and you never feel totally at ease with your body or style? Not feeling like you belong in your own skin can be particularly damning, and it can hugely knock your confidence in yourself too. Here are a few ways you can make the best of yourself so you can find a version of you love more than ever.

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Small Treatments That Make a Big Difference

You love your beauty regime. From moisturizing your skin to drawing on your eyeliner, there’s nothing more enjoyable. I wrote an article about this not that long ago. And while we love it, sometimes we think wouldn’t it be easier to just be ready as soon as you wake up? Well, it doesn’t have to be a dream. And it’s not just reserved to the rich and famous who can afford live-in makeup artists. There are a number of small treatments available that could make a big difference to your daily routine.

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