The Go-To Guide For Wedding Vow Renewal This Valentines

People want to renew their vows for multiple reasons. Celebrating something that means the world to you and lasts a lifetime can be a great reason to do it all over again. Special days and important milestones such as wedding anniversaries and the upcoming valentines’ days are all great times to do it.

If you’re planning to renew your vows this February and are hunting for ideas to make it even more special, keep reading this article. First and foremost, getting a ring in place can be an excelling starting point. This will be the ultimate unexpected surprise for your loved one. No matter what reason you’re doing it for make sure you have it all covered with the essentials in this article.

Must-Haves For Your Wedding Vowel Renewals

1. Getting The Vows Ready

This special time is all about reaffirming the vows you promised each other all those years ago. You can either keep your old ones or update them. This requires a bit of planning on your part as you must either find the old vows or take time to write new ones. Acknowledging your partnership together over the years can be a way to share the special achievement with your friends, family and all those who are close to you.

2. Think About The Rings

You already have your rings of course but you may want to honour the renewal with an extra engraving on the rings. You can even add a ring blessing so it makes the dedication even more special. You can discover some of the finest wedding rings Sydney couples get from AE Design Jewellery for Valentines.

3. The Guest List

As we mentioned, you’ll want all your nearest and dearest attending the renewal ceremony. This means if you’re not leaving it as a surprise, it’s time to get planning who you’re going to invite and sending out invitations.

4. Planning The Ceremony Format

Some couples like to keep it religious or tie in a religious element to their ceremony. Whether you want to keep it formal or not, it’s important to remember that this isn’t a legal event so it can become whatever you want it to be.

At the planning stage, it’s crucial to know what you want to include. For example, do you want flowers, poems to be read, gifts to be exchanged or maybe speeches? It really does come down to what you prefer as a couple and what will help make this day super special for you both.

Other important elements to consider may be from budget and decorations to dress code and timings. As you prepare for this important time in your relationship, don’t forget to enjoy the celebration and make the most of your renewal.

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