The Go-To Guide For Wedding Vow Renewal This Valentines

The Go-To Guide For Wedding Vow Renewal This Valentines

People want to renew their vows for multiple reasons. Celebrating something that means the world to you and lasts a lifetime can be a great reason to do it all over again. Special days and important milestones such as wedding anniversaries and the upcoming valentines’ days are all great times to do it.

If you’re planning to renew your vows this February and are hunting for ideas to make it even more special, keep reading this article. First and foremost, getting a ring in place can be an excelling starting point. This will be the ultimate unexpected surprise for your loved one. No matter what reason you’re doing it for make sure you have it all covered with the essentials in this article.

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We got married!!!

We got married!!!

When I was a little girl with blond, curly hair I heard that if you find a four-leaf clover, you’ll have luck in your life. I’d known that we had them in our backyard so what I did is: I got dressed and I went outside to look for one. I searched through probably hundreds of clovers. I spent on it a good amount of time, (I have lots of patience and I’m pretty stubborn, so you know ☺). After a while I came back home very sorrowful, because I didn’t find any, not a single one. I also didn’t tell anyone about it, because I was too afraid that I really won’t have any luck in my life (and my dreams won’t come true), especially if I say it out loud that I didn’t find that four leaf clover.


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Which Metals Are Most Popular For Wedding Rings?

When it comes to wedding rings, there is not often the same amount of thought and consideration in choosing the rings as there is when choosing an engagement ring. There is a broad range of choice available to consumers and various wedding inspiration blogs can give you an indication of what is currently in fashion. If you are open to ideas for your wedding rings, then here are some of the more popular choices that people often choose.

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6 Popular Settings For Diamond Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for the best diamond engagement ring for your budget, you’re going to need a good understanding of the most popular settings and the type of diamond you want to buy. Here is a guide to the most sought after diamond engagement ring settings.


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