How Train Travel Can Be Stylish

Have you ever known train travel to be luxurious before? If you have ever been upgraded to first class on a flight after moving from economy, you will know exactly what we are talking about when we say luxury.

If you are booking a long train journey, such as the Trans-Siberian, you may want to consider going with the upgraded options. You will open yourself up to a world of comfort and beautiful dining, making your journey much more enjoyable.

If you want to discover the Golden Eagle train for your Trans-Siberian adventure, you should check out the Golden Eagle luxury trains‌‌ price. When you say luxury trains, it automatically sounds average. However, trains run by the Golden Eagle and many other lines will pleasantly surprise you.

Keep reading to find out the special ways you can travel luxury by train.

4 Ways To Travel In Luxury On A Train

Upgrade Your Package

If you have booked economy to save some cash, consider spending a little extra upgrading this part of your trip. If you are planning to book the Trans-Siberian trip, this will be worth it as most of your holiday will be spent on the train. This way you can experience a wider selection of eating choices, comfortable seats and lovely bedrooms.

Look Into Different Classes

Several trains will have a gold class then a silver class. This means that your options aren’t simply limited from one extreme to another but you can go in-between to get a good mix of everything. If you haven’t got much room for movement in your budget, think about going to silver to get a good mix of luxury and value.

Hire A Guide For Excursions

When you hop off the train to check out a city, it’s well worth booking a travel guide. This can add that extra element of luxury as you get a one-to-one intimate tour on a place. If you have to keep to a strict timeline when commuting by train, booking your own guide can make the process much more seamless and less stressful.

Ask About Special Add-Ons

There are plenty of things you can do to upgrade your train journey too. Think about add-ons such as headsets to guide you through your train ride. Simple things added on top of your journey can increase the luxurious element and enhance your experience.

As you can see there are various things you can do to enhance your journey on the train and travel in style.

Boost your luxury as on certain train journeys, you may be on there for days, if not weeks. So spending a little extra to increase the luxury can make a big difference to your journey.

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104 thoughts

  1. This is so cool! Me and my partner have always dreamt of taking a long train ride somewhere but we never really took the time to think of how many options there are! Thanks!

  2. I’ve never been first class for anything before! I shall have to do it one day!

  3. I love to travel by train. Especially in the times when there were restaurant cars on a train. That has stopped in Denmark, and I don’t know, if they still have it on the long distance trains like the one from Stockholm to Italy. I guess they do, I mean they can’t feed people with sandwiches for four days, can they?

    1. You’re so right and I used travel by train very often, as well 👍☺🌸

  4. I love travelling by train … it’s so relaxing. My family and I went to Europe in December and we travelled by train from Prague to Vienna and the Vienna to Budapest. I felt I was in a Chekov novel! We also got to see snow and for us Aussies, that’s a treat! My love of trains started when I won a writing competition when I was 21 and the prize was a luxury trip to Europe and a trip on the Orient Express from Venice to Paris. It was surreal, sublime and just fabulous.

  5. There’s something refined and elegant about good train travel that makes it eternal. If you give it time, the experience will reward you with a lifetime of memories. Even a short trip strikes a chord. A few years back I took Acela (high-speed rail) to travel between friends in DC and Boston. Though years have passed, recollections still inspire fondness. Thanks for bringing me to a “happy place” with your post!

  6. Traveling by train really has the potential of being quite exciting and romantic. You see a lot more of the landscapes and cities than when you fly and you get a much better sense of the distance you travel. Here (in Sweden) traveling by train is unfortunately mostly a nuisance though (crowded wagons, unreliable services and expensive)…

  7. I would rather travel by train than plane, unless there are time constraints. But for a lovely journey, the train is best. Sadly, in Canada, it is so expensive, that it is impossible unless you’re well off.

    1. I agree, Linda! My husband and I would love to go somewhere by train here…hopefully one day! And if not, it’ll be ok too! ☺ 🌹

  8. I love traveling by train, but I feel like they’re harder to find than the metro subways that fill up the cities around us!

  9. I’ve long considered the train that runs from Canada’s east coast to the west. Have you ever ridden it?

  10. Train traveling is definitely something everyone needs to experience. I traveled through Canada by train and it was spectacular! Great post!

  11. Hi Ula,

    What a wonderful idea. Train travel is still the norm in India and I love it but this idea of a trans-Siberian rail journey had never crossed my mind. Thank you for sharing. Love the layout as well!


  12. I always dreamed about leaving everything behind and hopping onto a train for an adventure away. There’s something very magical about a long rail journey! 🙂

  13. Last year I took a 40 hour train trip from Beijing, PRC to Lhasa, Tibet. The most luxurious part was the four person “soft sleeper” compartment. Part of the “luxury” was having a personal oxygen vent for the high passes in Tibet. The trip was fun. After 40 hours, though, I was glad to get off.

  14. I’ve done train travel in Europe and found it to be far from luxurious. Hoping one day I can afford a first class trip somewhere? 🙂

  15. A very enjoyable read…Trains are great. I use them a lot for inter UK travel and it’s where I write my blogs. Often inspired by my fellow passengers!

  16. Cool photo. Trans Siberian was something I have wanted to do since I was 17 years old. I wondered if it has changed much since then?

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