Your Home In The Winter

There is a lot of joy to be had in the changing of the seasons. The sun is no longer hammering down, the leaves begin to fall, and the chill can be felt in the air. It is the perfect time to get all of those cardigans and scarves out of storage, pack away the summer garden set, consider if you need to hire a snow removal service in the next few months (people always forget until the very moment they need it!) and pull out the gorgeous snow boots.

The longer nights are so beautiful the perfect time to catch up on movies you were too busy to see in the summer. To kick back a bit and relax. Here are some extra tips to help you make your home a winter wonderland that you can enjoy all season.

With this humidity, I miss winter 🙂


While the summer is filled with an ocean breeze, and tropical island scented candles, the winter is always richer and darker. Cinnamon, apples, plums, and spiced cookies typically become the candle of choice. Anything baked is usually ideal, the warm scent coupled with a dark evening is the perfect combination. If you are the type of person to buy into the hype, then pumpkin spiced candles are a scent that you can have light from the 1st of October all the way through to the first day of spring.


The chances are pretty high that you have your home decorated for comfort anyway, with soft pillows and other furnishings. In the winter you have the perfect excuse to kick it up a notch, with thick blankets and cozy socks. If you are lighting a lot of candles, then you might want to be careful with how many blankets you have where you put them.


Aside from the ambiance that comes from the candles, you might like to consider picking up some faux candles and a warm-toned floor lamp. That way you don’t have the have the big main light on and you create a soft, warm glow throughout the room. If you aren’t one for floor lamps, then tealights dotted around the room in cute holders (with some essential oil) work wonders too. During the day, try to let as much light in as possible. Although you will probably have your warmer, thick winter curtains on if you can let the light in – then do it.


Here is where you can get creative and festive too. You can decorate your room to fit the festive period you are in from pumpkins in October (find a good recipe for pumpkin soup, so nothing goes to waste), to reindeer ornaments or cushions and snowflakes.

Winter can be a time of serious self-care too. Those fluffy socks and cozy blankets. Topped off with hot chocolate and a good movie can give you time to relax in the summer that you wouldn’t usually take advantage of in the summertime. Use the winter nights to relax, unwind and destress when ever you can.

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  1. Well timed, Ula, as I left the office today to find the temperature had plummeted enough to make things…chilly? In July? Still it set the mood beautifully.

    Among my favorite autumn candle scents is one called “Tobacco Shop.” I don’t smoke, of course, but it’s evocative of the cozy, happy tobacconists that used to populate every shopping center. Plus, it reminds me of my grandfather’s pipes. Maybe it’s a guy thing, but the aroma always soothes.

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