Essential Oils 101 (part II)

You might remember that I wrote a post about essential oils back in December. Since so many of you here and on my Instagram liked it and had way more questions, I thought about writing some more about not so common essential oils. The ones that even though they’re not popular as, for instance, the lavender oil, have amazing health benefits, as well.


Clove essential oil is mostly found in Zanzibar and it is great with fighting acne and for overall skin health. It is also good if you’re dealing with parasites in your intestines. It fights candida, gives toothache relief, boosts your immune system, protects your liver and is anti-inflammatory. This oils is very high in antioxidants and can treat all your digestive problems.

When it comes to this oil, I personally don’t use it often, but when I do I make sure I dilute it with other carrier oils, like jojoba oil or coconut oil.


My dad used to grow cypresses in our backyard and this smell will always remind me of being a little girl running around those beautiful trees. Except the beautiful scent, this oil has, of course, lots of health benefits.

When you pull your muscle or have muscle cramps, this oil is something you should reach out for. It also perfectly heals wounds and infections. It really helped me when I cut my finger in the past. Other benefits are: aiding toxins removal (prevents acne, lower cholesterol naturally and cleanses the liver), promotes blood clotting (endometriosis remedy), relieves anxiety, treats varicose veins and cellulite and eliminates respiratory conditions (asthma). Cypress essential oil works great as a natural deodorant.


When you feel nauseous, sometimes it’s better to reach out for ginger essential oil, instead of ginger ale. It is great for treating upset stomach and support your digestion. If you have respiratory problems, like asthma or having a cold or flu, ginger oil will help you with it. It also heals infections, reduces inflammation, relieves anxiety, strengthens heart health (reduces cholesterol levels), alleviates muscle and menstrual pain. Just like cypress essential oil, ginger is also high in antioxidants and improves liver function. What’s more, it is a natural aphrodisiac (natural remedy for impotence).

This oil doesn’t smell the best, at least for me, but really does its wonders.

Helichrysum Italicum

Once I discovered this oil, I have never stopped using it. It has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antifungal, antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Do I need to say more? 🙂

It is a great oil for your skin, if you’re dealing with acne, wrinkles (most of us), rashes, shaving irritation or blemishes. I always add it to my face oil and use it every day. It will also help you with candida symptoms, high blood pressure, protect your heart health, prevents indigestion and fights against cancer. Helichrysum essential oil may reduce the risk of kidney stones and pain and swelling of hemorrhoids, as well.


It is one of the oils mentioned in the Bible (152 times). As all the essential oils above, myrrh oil is high in antioxidants that can prevent liver damage. It has also anti-cancer, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-parasitic properties. It is also great for your skin health and massages. Myrrh essential oil will take you to the relaxing space.


Whenever I feel under the weather or have sinus infection, oregano essential oil is what I’m looking for in my box with all the oils. It is also great for allergies and a great natural alternative to antibiotics. It perfectly fights infections and bacterial overgrowth. It also treats toenail fungus and gingivitis, candida, yeast infections, utis and ringworm. Oregano oil helps reduce side effects from medications and helps treat digestive issues.


Beside the beautiful smell, rose essential oil is great for improving depression, for skin health (for instance, if you suffer from acne), libido and hormone health.


Sandalwood essential oil has relaxing, calming and mental clarity properties. It is also a great natural aphrodisiac (helps men with impotence). Sandalwood oil has also anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, antiseptic and anti-aging benefits.


Wintergreen essential oil is something that reminds me always of my dad, because it was one of the ingredients of the creams I used to massage my dad’s back with. Oh my and then it burnt me until I washed my hands. Now V always asks me to rub it in wherever he has pain. Another thing that they’re so similar, it’s scary! 🙂

That being said, this oil is great for relieving pains (especially, lower back pain and muscle pain). It also fights inflammation, reduces swelling and irritation, improves digestion, clears skin irritation, treats colds, fevers, infections and flu. If you feel fatigue and need some natural energizer, you should reach out for this amazing oil.

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  1. What a great summary! As soon as I read the title, clove oil immediately came to mind. What are the odds it’s the first oil you mention? (Sure, those less dull than I will notice you list them alphabetically, but why let that diminish my awe?).

    Rose oil helps with depression, huh? I know when I use rosewater in Persian and other Near Eastern cooking, it always makes me happy, and your research confirms why

    So many interesting facts!

  2. This is a terrific list and very informative! The only thing I would not is a warning about a few of them, for example Rose oil can be dangerous for pregnant women who are early on in their pregnancy it can induce labor and should be stayed away from until a woman is past 38 weeks gestation. Other than that, I have learned a lot from this post, thank you!

    1. That’s true and others are not recommended either, but I will cover this up soon 🙂

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