14 Small Canadian Businesses To Support

To celebrate Canada Day, as the last two years, I’m sharing here 14 small Canadian businesses to support right now! 🙂

Happy Canada Day from my family to yours! 🙂

1. Stocked Cellars

Let me start with this online store where you can easily order one, two or a case of bottles of wine straight to your door! Their selection is spectacular, full of locally focused wines and ciders. A perfect stop to get those summer drinks! 🙂

2. Blush Silks

Have you heard that silk pillowcases can “improve skin and hair hydration, prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and result in smoother, frizz-free hair every morning”? After sleeping on one for so many years now, I can tell you that you can’t go back once you switch to silk pillowcase and scrunchies :). Blush Silks is an online store offers exactly that! Beautiful pillowcases (in many colors) and different sizes of scrunchies, all made with 100% pure mulberry silk!

3. Harmon’s Craft Brewing

If you’re more of a fan of beer and/or don’t drink alcohol, I have here some amazing non-alcoholic beer. It tastes so delicious that you can’t stop with just one can – trust me on this one :). It’s available at lots of stores or you can just simply order a case straight from their website! Oh and one more thing: ingredients (in all 3 flavors) are organic!

4. Little Love Home

Beautiful minimalist home goods that would make your home look so much cozier and prettier :). Everything is homemade with an excellent quality! What’s beautiful about Sarah, the maker and owner of Little Love Home, is that she’s passionate about supporting our local economy, ethical manufacturing (which they do in house!), and creating Earth conscious products.

5. Basic Goods Trading Co

Speaking of Earth conscious products, let me introduce you to Basic Goos Trading Co.. You can find here so many amazing products for your home, such as silicone food bags, silicone fruit and veggie cover and SO much more! They are “are committed to no more wasted packaging, no more wasted inks, no more single-use plastics” and so should we! 🙂

6. Poppy Prints Papery

Adorable cards for your littles! They are beautifully made and are so pretty that you’d want to display them all the time!

7. Kind Quinn

This boutique is a one-stop place with a great selection of beautiful pieces to wear (clothes and accessories), bath and body products, and home goods. “From plastic free shampoo, hand made products from small brands, clean beauty, brands representing diversity, brands that give back and so much more.”

8. Piante Plants

A place for a plant veteran or new plant owner :). You can find here so many beautiful plants (and pots) and what I can assure you (from my own experience) – the plants will come to your doorstep in a great condition and they will thrive at your home! 🙂 “Each shipment has easy to follow directions to help you cultivate the best care for your plant.”

9. One Root Inc.

The finest honey Canada can be proud of! “Oneroot Honey is always single-sourced, 100% traceable, and minimally processed. Taste pure honey straight from the beehive.” Their honey is antibiotic-free, unheated/unpasteurized, from sustainable sources, directly from the source and bottled in CFIA inspected and approved facilities to ensure your safety. I love adding it to my tea, cocoa, cakes and oats :).

10. Aiteall

At this online store, you can find eco-friendly household products made by small businesses in Canada. Their mission is “to make it easier for people to find good quality sustainable products that help them make that small change, wherever you may be in your eco transition journey.” I love the name of their store, which is an Irish word meaning “a spell of nice, pleasant weather that sometimes comes between rain showers” :).

11. Peach Letter Co.

If you need custom portraits, stationery, signage for weddings, events, and businesses, this is the place for you! They offer “a variety of individualized services and products, including calligraphy, watercolour, and other art mediums, each project unique and tailored to your vision”. From the owner and creator: “Producing unique fine art products from start to finish is incredibly rewarding and I love creating custom works for my clients” :).

12. CocoBronco

If you’re a lover of linen or looking for some beautiful linen napkins, this is your place! I really like the fact that this company hires women only and immigrants that are in need of jobs so they can be in the position to provide for themselves and their family.

13. Papaya Books

These personalized story books will give you the chance to introduce your kids into “an adventure where they will be the main characters making the reading time an unforgettable and exciting experience”. My Lily loves them! 🙂

14. Matcha Ninja

If you prefer finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves over coffee or you simple would love to try matcha then this is the store for you. Many people, including me, choose to drink matcha (latte) in the morning, which gives you “natural energy boost that keeps you alert, but calm”.

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