Inexpensive Tricks to Make Your Home Look More Luxurious

We all work to a budget when it comes to our homes. So renovations and home maintenance can take a while to get them looking as you want to. But the good news is that you don’t need a big overhaul of your home to make it look good or make it look more luxurious. If you want to create a home that has a luxury look, then it can be easier than you think. So here are some ideas to get you started.

Fresh Paint

It is surprising just how much difference a fresh coat of paint can bring to a room in the home. So if your house hasn’t been painted for a while, then this can help the color to be restored, bringing a fresh and crisp look to the room; luxurious rooms are never faded or dull. You do need to be careful about your choice of color, though. Rich colors, like purple, will need furniture in the room to be lighter, whereas lighter colors on the walls can allow for some darker furniture. Too much of one way or another isn’t going to be a good look if you’re aiming for luxe.


Fresh flowers are a real luxury, aren’t they? They can be something that can instantly brighten up the home and they can be placed in pretty much any room of the house. You could stick with a similar color scheme of flowers throughout, to have some cohesion and bring the home altogether. If fresh flowers is going to be too much for you, then how about using some artificial flowers instead? Just make sure that you clean them, otherwise they can sit and gather dust which is far from luxurious.

Selective Materials

If you are looking to add a feeling of luxury to the home, then you need to be careful about the materials that you choose to use. When materials aren’t the right texture or a wring mix, then they can instantly look much cheaper than they actually are. Think about your window coverings, for example. Wooden coverings are going to look much more luxury than a fabric roller blind. The price doesn’t even have to vary that much, but the overall effectiveness of the material that you choose can have quite a big impact on how luxurious the home looks.


If there is a lot of junk and clutter in the home, and a lack of storage for that matter, then it can make the home look quite tired and even a little tacky. So one easy step to make your home look instantly more luxurious, at no cost at all, is to have a declutter in your home. Throw the things from your home that are no longer needed, and think about where you store and place the things that are in your home. This isn’t about minimalism; but when you get it right, it can make a big difference to how luxurious your home looks, as well as feels.

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  1. Lovely….my wife loves “playing house.” As for me, I’m contentedly settled in as long as there’s the aroma of the next cuppa coffee! 😁

  2. It looks great. But if we do all of this in europe, the thiefs will come. The thiefs sit in a car at the streets and watch the houses. If a house looks good and rich, they wait till the owner is not at home. And than they get inside of the house an rob everything. Old looking houses and old doors a bit like a lost place is the best insurance.

  3. Great tips! The first (fresh paint) is particularly worthy of attention. I just painted a room a month or so ago, and just like that, it was brighter and it looked more spacious. In fact, it looked like a brand-new room! I think I’ll follow your other points and completely revamp things.

    “When did you put on the addition?”

    “I didn’t – it was always there.”

    Thanks, Ula!

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