Why It Pays Off To Be A Careful Car Owner

The average Canadian household owns 1.5 cars. The car population is growing increasing around the world. By 2030, Daniel Sperling and Deborah Gordon estimate there will be two billion vehicles on our roads – at a global level. For Canadian drivers, however, the risk is the same than for anybody else; how can you stay safe when cars are slowly taking over our lifestyles. Greenhouse gas emissions are a problem we can’t afford to ignore any longer. Electric and hybrid vehicles are in the process of offering an eco-friendlier alternative to fossil-fuelled engines. However, the risks of car ownership can affect your household in a variety of ways – and not all of them are pollution-related. Therefore, it is indispensable that the car buyers of today become the careful car owners of tomorrow.

You Are More Likely To Get Compensation In Case Of An Accident

There’s no denying that with more vehicles on the road, there is no room for reckless and inattentive driving anymore. Careful drivers are less likely to get involved in an accident. Additionally, your clean driving history can play an influential role when you get advice from an ICBC claim lawyer. Indeed, insurers tend to believe a careful driver who has no history of collisions over a risk-taking individual. Additionally, attentive driving can be recorded through street cameras, helping your claim to progress swiftly.

You Can Void Many Health Complications

Sitting is the most dangerous position for the human body. Sitting prolonged hours in a car when you’ve planned a long journey could have dramatic consequences for your health, facilitating heart conditions and obesity. Careful drivers know to put their health first, planning regular breaks along the road to rest. Additionally, maximizing your break to take a stroll can also help to alleviate the health consequences of prolonged sitting. Indeed, sitting for more than 3 hours could shorten your life expectancy by up to 2 years.

You Can Save On Maintenance Costs

Driving with care is one thing. But caring for your vehicle is another. When you’re surrounded by vehicles, you can’t afford to separate car maintenance from your driving experience. As a car owner, it’s your responsibility to service your car regularly. You can drop your car at your local garage, but you can also learn to maintain your vehicle at home. Simple tasks such as changing your oil and oil filters and air filters are manageable for enthusiastic DIYers and can improve your vehicle performance dramatically. More importantly, being able to service your car doesn’t make you a professional mechanic. But it gives you the knowledge to spot abnormalities and get your car checked by professionals before it’s too late.

You’re More Likely To Sell For A Good Price

If you’re planning on selling your vehicle, you’re probably aware that all cars lose value over time. However, smart car owners are more likely to preserve the value of their car for longer, ensuring the best resell price possible. You have to make car care second nature to you, from choosing unexposed car park spaces to protecting the body from rust.

Cars are not going anywhere. In fact, they are multiplying so rapidly that you can’t afford to maintain a reckless attitude behind the steering wheel. Careful car ownership habits can not only preserve your vehicle but also prolong your life.

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  1. Thanks for those good tips on car ownership and responsibility! Sorry I haven’t been posting for a while; due to my packing for my move to AZ. Before I get to my final destination I am visiting my Daughter in Phoenix. Oh, it’s very hot here but I did post about this a couple of times on my Blog. I will remember those tips when I purchase my next car.

  2. Nice advice, Ula! Every cent, every minute, we devote to looking after our cars are returned tenfold throughout the car’s lifetime. Not only will the vehicle be more dependable, but it will fetch a higher price when it’s time to move to the next vehicle. Warning, though – you may grow attached to your car, and it actually may be difficult to say goodbye, no matter how awesome your new vehicle is. So sentimental!

  3. I’m am very interested in having an electric car one day but I’m a little nervous about being stranded in some remote location.

    I’m glad car makers have introduced hybrids to help scardycats like me ease into the conversion process.

    Great post – certainly a lot to think about since I’m currently a full time driver. Hope you’re having a lovely day! 🙂

  4. I used to do a lot of maintenance on my cars myself. Saved wads of money, but now at my age I find it increasingly difficult to get down there to perform routine tasks that 15 years ago I could still manage!!! LOL……..

  5. Lovely. Rightly said cars are not going anywhere, they are multiplying so rapidly. We should be aware of this fact and preserve our vehicles for us and also for our earth. More the vehicle more the pollution, less the vehicle less the pollution.

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