How To Make The Best Of Some Downright Terrible Situations

Life is full of ups and downs; we know this already. That cliché gets said all of the time – whether you’re indeed going through the most wonderful of ups, or the saddest of downs. This strange balance that follows every aspect of our lives doesn’t look as though it’s going away any time soon. Life can appear very simple when we’re in the height of confidence and when everything is going our way. Conversely, it can feel like a huge slog when the other end of the spectrum hits.

Everybody has times in their life where they feel absolutely awful. Of course, some have it worse than others, but nobody has ever gone through each and every day in sheer bliss. Some are able to handle adversity better than others. It’s not because they’re born better, or that they’re smarter. It’s because they know how to act; they know what steps to take in order to get out of certain funks. Another cliché goes along the lines of ‘it’s not if you fall; it’s about how you get up,’ and that’s so true in this life.

Whether you like it or not, the wheels of society and the earth as a whole will continue to spin. All we can do whenever we’re hit with negative situations is to make the very best of them. Whenever the adversity strikes, it can feel as though there’s no climbing out – that’s not true at all; you can always find good things. Have a little read-through and see if the following points can’t convince you of this.

Always Look To Learn From Them

You will probably pick a few things up subconsciously, but you should always attempt to take the situation and learn from it so that you know what to do next time. If it’s something petty, then it should be pretty easy. If it’s something significant that you might not be able to change, then perhaps you could learn about yourself and how to react the next time. The good thing about failure or negative experiences is that they’re the best way of teaching a person. Nobody ever picked up skills or wisdom out of the blue; they had to embrace a challenge first.

Be Around Close Friends Or Family

Even during the toughest of times, your close ones can make you feel so much better. If you need to vent, then they’ll be there to listen (or read). They’ll be able to discuss things with you that may help you out a lot. Just being around them could put you at ease as opposed to being isolated and trapped in your own head. Being around close ones could also result in laughter – they will probably find a way to make fun of you, even at the worst times. This kind of thing can lessen the impact of the situation and make it feel insignificant.

Remember That You World Doesn’t Stop To Take A Look At You

I’ve mentioned this a little earlier, but the world will continue to move on regardless of your situation. This can be viewed in a couple of ways: firstly, you could view it in the sense that nobody is going to stop and come to your aid out of nowhere; you need to get up and solve some problems yourself – if they’re indeed solvable! You could also see it as a positive in that nobody will care if what you’re going through is somewhat embarrassing or something to be worried about socially. In both of these regards, the idea is that you should just get on with it and push on with life.

Can You Take Legal Action?

If the situation that you’ve found yourself in affects you in multiple ways, then you could find yourself in a bit of a hole. If you feel as though someone or something else is responsible, they might want to think about a legal challenge. If you’ve, for example, been exposed to lots of asbestos, then you can get experienced legal representation from this firm and push for a result. Legal battles aren’t always nice and aren’t always easy, but sometimes they’re necessary if you feel as though your life has been massively thrown off course.

Stay Positive

Yes, this is a really clichéd point and one that is so much easier to talk about than actually do, but you should really try it. Positivity always wins. Whether you believe it or not, a positive mental attitude helps to overcome even the worst things in life. A little practice and brain training could result in you being a ‘naturally’ happy and positive person. All you have to do is give it a go.

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20 thoughts

  1. So true, Ula, and two of your points compliment each other nicely.

    “The world” doesn’t care about our plights, not because everyone’s jaded or callous, but because 99.99% of people never met us, and never will. To be fair, even when we’re enjoying “the best day ever,” millions of strangers are suffering “the worst day ever,” and vice-versa.

    That’s why your advice about friends and family is so valuable. Unlike strangers, they do care, and they’ll share the burden or will amplify the joy, as appropriate.

  2. Yes, surrounding yourself with friends and family during the bad times is very good advice. The people who love you remind you who you are, so that your own voice does not get buried under the weight of your sorrows. Great post, Ula!!

  3. The first and last points are things I always struggle with, but it’s good to read and get reminders that there’s always lessons I can take from my situations and that I should try my best to remain positive!

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