Matcha Smoothie Suggestions

Powdered Matcha green tea can be consumed in many different ways. Rather than drinking Matcha as a hot cup of tea, why not use it to make a smoothie instead? This would be a great breakfast meal or a midday snack to keep you going through the afternoon lull at work. There are many different ways to incorporate Matcha into a smoothie. Read below for some suggestions.

A basic banana Matcha smoothie is a great option for your first attempt. All you need is 1g of Matcha green tea, 200ml milk, and two bananas. Simply blend all of the ingredients for about twenty seconds, pour into a glass and enjoy! A lot of people have protein shakes before working out, and it is a good idea to add Matcha to your pre-workout shakes, as this can boost your energy. You can also add the likes of Allmax Supplement to your smoothies in order to create a workout shake.

Why not try a vanilla Matcha protein smoothie? For this, you will need a fresh vanilla bean, half a teaspoon of maple syrup, two teaspoons of Matcha powder, one banana, half a cup of ice, two scoops of vanilla flavored protein shake, and one cup of unsweetened almond milk. Mix all ingredients together in a blender until smooth.

If you are a chocolate lover, you can get your fix with a chocolate Matcha smoothie. For this, you will need to blend all of the following – one tsp. of Matcha powder, half a cup of ice cubs, 5g of cocoa powder, half a banana, 175g of soft silken tofu, and 125ml of chocolate soy milk.

Finally, why not try a berry Matcha smoothie instead? Combine the following in a blender; one tsp. of Matcha powder, half a cup of ice cubs, 125ml of plain yoghurt, 125g of raspberries, and 125g of blueberries.

Where To Get Matcha Powder Plus The Importance Of Sourcing With Care

Where to get Matcha powder is an important topic of discussion. Matcha powder is increasing in popularity as of late, as more and more people realize the benefits that are associated with it. Nevertheless, because of this, there are more and more companies cropping up that are looking to capitalize on the popularity of Matcha by selling a poor quality product and making a higher profit.

To understand this, you need to realise that all Matcha is not the same. There is a great degree of variation in terms of quality. There are a very small number of retailers that sell a different type of green tea and try to pass it off as Matcha. You will usually find that this takes place on auction sites with individual sellers trying their luck, as it can be harder to trace who is selling the product. This is why you should never purchase Matcha from an auction website. More commonly, there are sellers that try to offload Matcha that has already seen its prime day as well as Matcha leaves that have been ground into a powder along with the branches and the stems. These should never be included, and they can cause the Matcha to become a brown, yellow, or murky green colour, so you will immediately be able to tell if this is what you have received. The best way to ensure you end up with quality Matcha tea is to be diligent when purchasing. Read reviews and look for other signs of quality, such as awards and recognition.

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  1. I’ve always been a matcha lover. I love its taste and a lot of various desserts made from it. However, as you mentioned, there is a great degree of variation in terms of quality. It’s more expensive if I have higher quality mocha drinks and desserts here. What’s more, tea houses usually label matcha products with middle or even high prices. So, I’m learning to make my own matcha tea. Matcha smoothie will definitely be my next good try! 😃

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