Secrets to a Healthy Bank Balance That Might Change Your Life

You have to admit, having a healthy bank balance is something you have never had. You’re always struggling for funds, trying to pay bills and stressing about your savings. If you really want to make a difference to your money saving habits, you need to change your current mindset. Whether you’re looking for a side hustle or hoping to make some cut backs, here are some secrets that might just change your life!

Be Savvy and Shop Around

When you are given a quote for something like car insurance or energy bills, you don’t have to accept them right away. The savvy thing to do would be to shop around for better car insurance quotes so that you aren’t overpaying. This might take some extra time and effort on your part, but it will definitely pay off if you find an amazing deal that helps you save money. Check out online comparison sites and don’t be afraid to negotiate the prices with big companies.

Start a Side Hustle

Starting up a low risk side hustle is a no brainer if you want to start earning some extra cash. Think about where your strengths lie and start a business based on your passions and skills. It’s likely that you’ll need to create a website and start up some social media channels, but this should be quite a low cost set up. There are a number of easy ways you can make money online these days, it’s just about discovering what works for you and finding something you actually love doing.

Say “No” More Often

When your friends ask you out to dinner or on a trip, you don’t always have to say “yes” right away. Think carefully about every activity and event you attend, because it may be costing you way too much money. When you start declining invitations your bank balance will definitely start to thank you.

Have a Year of No Spending

Now, this doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to pay your rent or bills on time. This means that you need to stop buying things that aren’t absolutely essential. Starting the habit of shopping mindfully will make a world of difference to your bank balance and long term financial situation. The next time you get your credit card out to make a purchase, think about the real reasons why you want to buy that item. Will it make you happier? Does it really have a place in your life? There are a number of reasons start spending mindfully, so make this change as soon as you can.

As soon as you start changing your spending habits and you get motivated with your side hustle, you will see a huge improvement. Be aware that your won’t become a millionaire overnight, but you will be able to meet small, manageable goals. Don’t be too unreasonable with yourself otherwise you’re less likely to stick to it. Simple, small and actionable changes will help you to gain the healthy bank balance you have always dreamt of.

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  1. The last one is really intriguing for me… im starting to return things i dont need. Like last week i bought a $40 shirt and when i got home i tried it on and decided to return it. I still buy things but i decide to return them as soon as i can so thats a step up !! Thanks for sharing these tips im gonna see if theres cheaper car insurances around there 🙂

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