Garden Maintenance Hacks Homeowners Will Love

Keeping your garden looking incredible year round is something you’ll want to do if you consider yourself houseproud. Whether you want to impress guests, impress yourself, or you’re considering selling your home, taking care of your garden is key.

Below, you’ll find some garden maintenance hacks that just about any homeowner can use to make their garden look professional all year round. Take a look:

1. Download Apps To Help You Stay On Top Of Everything

The easiest thing you can do in 2020 to maintain your garden like a pro is download apps that will help you to stay on top of everything. These apps can give you hints and tips, and even remind you when it’s time to water something or take care of a particular plant.

2. Plant Easy To Care For Plants And Flowers

You need to do some research and make sure you know the most easy to care for plants and flowers. If you plant flowers that are difficult to look after you’re going to struggle to keep up with the care. Some of the easiest flowers to grow include sunflowers, sweet peas, fuchsias, and marigolds.

3. Hire Professional Help

Professional help might seem like an expense you don’t really need, but if you can set a small budget aside it’ll make a huge difference to the overall look of your garden. Investing in something like hedge maintenance or can give your garden a tidy, professional look, and you won’t need to attempt to learn how to take care of your hedges yourself.

4. Keep Pests At Bay

You don’t want pests coming in and eating all of your best plants, do you? Keep pests at bay using natural solutions like coffee grounds. Using chemicals can be bad for any pets you have, and isn’t the best solution for your garden. Natural solutions of keeping pests at bay still work just as well and are so much healthier.

5. Don’t Cut Your Grass Too Short

Cutting your grass too short can stop it from looking vibrant and healthy. Plus, if you leave your grass a little bit longer, you can actually invite wildlife into your garden. If you want to see butterflies and other wildlife in your garden, make sure you use this tip. If you have kids or grandkids, they will love looking at the wildlife in the garden. It can be very educational!

However, if you’re not interested in wildlife and you would like to stop taking care of the grass altogether, investing in turf could be an option. High quality turf will look perfect year round and requires very little maintenance.

6. Use Plant Pots And Containers

Plant pots and containers are a really useful addition to any garden. Containers are easy to move your plants around as you want them – you can’t do this with plants you have planted! You may even be able to move them whenever you decide to have people over and entertain in your garden.

Do you have any hacks to share?

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