Toddler-Proofing Your Home in Simple Ways

When you have a baby, the days might be long and the sleep can be sparse, but a baby stays where you put them. That is why when you have toddlers it can be harder to keep a home as it is, because they will move all over the place and open up all the cabinets and empty out all of the toys. As a result, there can be some things in your home that you need to take more care with, as there can be extra danger when your little one is suddenly on the move. There can even be some things that you might not have seen as a problem before, but once your little one is toddling around, then you can suddenly see the danger in it all. So with that in mind, here are some of the things to think about when it comes to your home and making it toddler-proof.


Toddlers are particularly prone to being unsteady when they walk and there can be many more falls and trips when they are learning to walk. They can be unsteady on their feet, but they can move fast! So you need to stay one step ahead of them by doing little things to toddler-proof your home. You should look to use stair gates to prevent any falls down the stairs, as well as stopping them from crawling or walking up them, especially if they are only just walking around. If you have sharp corners and tables, then pudding padding on the corners is important, as they can quickly turn around and then hurt themselves.

You could try a few of the following things:

  • Toddlers are likely to try climbing things like bookcases, so make sure they are secured to the wall, as well as being away from windows, so they can’t climb up and then climb out.
  • If you have glass patio doors then it can be a good idea to put some safety film over the glass, to prevent it from smashing the glass with toys, for example. If you have anything like that, windows, or doors that need to be repaired, then make sure that you do repair screen doors and windows. Toddlers can find anything to climb out of, and can hurt themselves if there is some damage.
  • If you have a pond in your garden, then make sure that you cover it up with a grid. You should always empty paddling pools after use as well, as toddlers can fall into things within seconds.

Toddlers are still exploring by putting things in their mouths. So, it is important to keep looking for things that they could choke on, as well as any potential hazards. So cleaning products and medicines need to be kept out of sight. Don’t just presume that a ‘child-safe lid’ will keep them out. Any small things like small toys, coins, and beads should also be kept out of reach, because they will try to reach it all.

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    1. Yes, I cannot wait! I always enjoyed my nephews and nieces the most around that age 😀👍🌼

  1. Have friends who choose to ignore your suggestions above. It’s only a matter of time before it comes back to bite one or more of their children, the parents, or a friend visiting. If I thought sharing your post with them would make a difference, I would. However, their attitude is nothing bad has happened in the last 7+ years so childproofing isn’t necessary. I keep them and their children in my prayers. .

  2. You name it. My son did it. Smashed glass tic, try to tip over bookshelf tic. Fortunately as you say, it was bolted to the wall. My daughter rarely caused these issues but unfortunately she was the one who nearly fell in a fishpond. We were over at somebody else’s house. We never had a fishpond for the very reason you describe. I had just stopped her tumbling into the pond. I could add a few more things to your list, getting stuck in a rabbit cage for example. Going out and about with my son was a nightmare. I used to have to scour for small objects, he might put in his mouth. Whilst other babies were sitting happily on their playmats, he was heading off to try to eat of the dog bowl. I could go on and on. All toddlers are different. A statement I once made to a mother, who basically told me, I was being ridiculous, as I had rushed to grab my son before he headed off through a closed plate glass door. Ah yes and child gates-our first lot were a failure. Our son was a proper Houdini, we had to have the kind which were bolted to the wall. He certainly kept me on my toes.

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