Preparing Your Home (And Yourself) For Baby Number Two!

Having a second baby is, for many people, a welcome addition to a loving family. But when the reality dawns on you that you don’t have much space in the house or the finances are going to have to stretch a little bit further, these things can prove to be very stressful. But when you are doing your best to prepare for baby number two you have got to make sure that you are prepared, both practically and emotionally. What are the things that we need to consider?

Do You Need To Change Your Home Completely?

A number of couples may decide to move to a new home but others, if they have the finances, can opt for a permitted development extension to the property. If you’re allowed to do this, it is an ideal option, not necessarily so one of the children can go to this part of the property, but it gives you the opportunity for more storage but also gives everyone that breathing space. Changing your home doesn’t have to be about completely altering the space; it could also be about making sure that you declutter effectively. When you’ve got one child that has an abundance of toys and doesn’t play with them anymore you could donate them. Or on the other hand, if you’ve been holding on to certain items so your second-born can play with them you are repurposing them. But it’s important not to make sure you are over cluttering the space.

Checking The Old Baby Supplies

Everything you want to keep for the second baby you should look at to make sure that it all works properly, or, in terms of clothes, if they are still wearable! If you’ve got old bottles and sterilizers it’s worth making sure that they are all sanitized. And in terms of old toys, it’s worth giving them a clean just in case there are dried up the bits of food on them from when your first one was a little one!

Preparing Your Firstborn

Probably the most difficult thing of all. Your first child has had your attention for so long but now they’re going to have to share it with someone else. You could make the most of the pregnancy spending time with them before you have to share your time but you have to remember that they will not take to a kindly regardless of how much you prepare them! It’s a good idea to get them involved with preparing the nursery for the baby as well as making sure that everything is ready in general. It all depends on the age of the child. When they are toddlers they are going to have meltdowns regardless. The best thing you can do is be as open and honest and as loving as possible.

It’s also important to remember that you may feel that when you are getting the house ready for the second child that you wonder how your ability to love more than one child is feasible. Every parent has this anxiety but it’s important to note that, as cliched as it sounds, your heart expands for both of them.

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