It’s A Bad Habit To Go Cold Turkey On Bad Habits

When we’re doing something that is bad, and we know its bad, it’s wrong to go full cold turkey on them. Why? Well, let’s be honest, many of us don’t have the willpower to stick to something that is sudden and unusual. Bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol excessively become a part of our lifestyles. If we were to completely stop, this would be too tough for us to adhere to completely. It actually gives quitting a bad name because stopping something cannot happen overnight. When we think that it’s impossible we get disheartened and we then see quitting something as too high a burden. But this is why going cold turkey is bad, so what’s the right way to stop bad habits?

Seek An Alternative

Perhaps the single best piece of advice I can give you to stop a bad habit is to find an alternative. Do you like smoking? Why not click here and find an alternative in the form of vaping? It’s much healthier than smoking conventional cigarettes and you also have more choice in terms of flavors, intensity, and the texture of the smoke. It’s also brilliant for your ability to quit because you don’t need to carry on puffing away as you do with cigarettes. Once you have lit a cig, you have to smoke it all or throw it away as the flame cannot stop burning until you put it out. But with vaping, you can smoke wherever you want, how much you want. Seek an alternative like this for all your bad habits.

A Mountain Too Tall

When we quit cold turkey, we’re actually creating a mental mountain for ourselves. Going cold turkey makes quitting harder because our mind and body are not used to the rapid change. So if you drink too much alcohol, try to track your units and then begin to slowly decrease them. Let’s say you drink 4 units a day, which is about 1 or 2 glasses of wine. You can limit your weekly units from 28 to 24. You should drink just one glass of wine for two days out of the week. Then you can limit this to just 20. And then 18, then 16, etc. slowly but surely, your body and mind will become used to not ingesting as much alcohol and it will feel normal. This is the most important thing, making quitting feel like it’s a normal thing to do.

Bolster Your Mental Health

Going cold turkey requires a lot of mental discipline, which is why many people fail in this route. So, firstly, bolster your mental strength by reading books that are written for the purposes of helping you overcome your temptations and weaknesses. Asking a psychologist for a reading list for bad habits would be excellent. You will know why you do some things and what the origins of your reasons for self-harm might be.

Never go cold turkey on a bad habit, because you will probably not manage and that forges a bad image of quitting in your mind.

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  1. Quiting bad habits is a long and hard process – all the more so when we are already very “deep” into those bad habits. I’ve never heard the phrase “Go cold turkey” before. Thanks for broadening my horizons – linguistic and otherwise 🙂 Much love to you and your family 🙂

  2. unless you have a really big”why” to quit, you are you spot on with this post. often the discouragement from failing gives me the thought that I can never quit this… thanks for the reminder to take it slow.

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