2020 Hair & Makeup Tips, or How to Look Great Without Visiting a Stylist

The year 2020 is difficult in some unprecedented ways. One of them is that due to lockdowns, social distancing, and unemployment many people can’t visit hairstylists or makeup artists as often as they would like to. However, you still need to keep your hair in check and get great makeup for different special events. The following tips will help you achieve that. Moreover, they will help you do this on a budget. Therefore, no matter the reason you are currently unable to visit a beauty professional, you can still look fantastic.

Low-Maintenance & Budget-Friendly Hair Magic Tips

Beautiful hair is healthy hair, so your main task is to ensure your hair stays healthy without regular salon visits. This shouldn’t be too hard as long as you follow some very simple rules:

  • Eat a healthy well-balanced diet.
    Remember, beauty literally comes from within. Therefore, what you eat always affects how you look.
  • Wash your hair regularly with warm water and dry it gently.
    Try to avoid washing every day, but don’t cut the shampooing too much. 2-3 times a week should be best. Towel dry your hair by patting it gently and then either air-dry or use a hairdryer on a low or medium heat setting.
  • Condition and nourish your hair weekly.
    Simply put, apply a hair mask at least once a week. You can either use a branded product or make it yourself. Ingredients like eggs, coconut oil, olive oil, and honey are usually very good for all hair types.

Cut and Style for Low Maintenance

Of course, keeping your hair healthy is only half the job. You will also need to get a low-maintenance haircut that can grow out and look good anyway. Think layers, bob, or shaggy styles. The latter are a great fir for natural curly hair, in particular.

With these styles you can get a haircut every few months. Therefore, you get to save the money or solve the issue of your salon being closed.

As for special occasions, use 20-inch halo extensions that you can easily apply at home. You can learn how to do this by watching a couple of videos on YouTube. Then, you’ll be able to transform your look completely in minutes. This kind of extensions is the easiest and safest to manage on your own. But it can blend in well and look completely natural. Most importantly, it will give your hair gorgeous volume and a bit of length. This alone can be enough to help you achieve a stunning look for any party. And you will definitely look fantastic for a video conference. Also, hair extensions are cheap and reusable. Hairstylist visits, on the other hand, aren’t cheap at all.

How to Become Your Own Makeup Artist on a Budget

Note that healthy skin is as important for your overall beautiful look as healthy hair. Therefore, a balanced diet and proper skincare routine are must-haves for everyone.

However, the matter of makeup is a bit more complicated. If you want to make it look professional, you have to become professional yourself. You also should use professional tools. Unfortunately, store brands of cosmetics will never look as amazing as pro-grade makeup. But you can learn to make do until you come onto a good sale offer.

The good news is that learning how to makeup professionally is easy today. And you don’t need to join a costly makeup course to do this. Instead, spend some time looking for free masterclasses on Instagram, YouTube, Skillshare, and other similar platforms. Full courses cost quite a bit, but short classes like How to Do Professional Smokey Eye are usually free.

Therefore, you can learn how to do full professional makeup by compiling a library of such free classes. This will take time, but you will save a lot of money. Also, by learning different techniques from many makeup artists, you’ll become more versatile yourself. This means you won’t be restricted to a single technique that might not fit you perfectly as you would have been by taking one big course.

While you are waiting for sales and special offers on professional cosmetics, remember that store brands must be treated differently. These products are “heavier” and won’t blend as easily and smoothly. Therefore, you should practice with what you have and adjust based on the results you get. You’ll need a lot of practice and hard work. But once you are done, you won’t need to spend money on a makeup artist ever again.

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