Friday’s Five: Baby Stuff

With the temperatures going down, I’ve started to really get ready for fall and winter. I’m actually on the lookout for some great candles – if you know any companies, I’ll appreciate you sharing them with me. Now let’s get to my Friday’s Five of this week, shall we? 🙂

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1. My Morning Coffee

I’m writing this post while sipping on my morning coffee :). I thought why don’t I share with you what I’m putting inside of it every day. So first thing first, a good coffee is a must. I like buying the whole-bean coffee, grind it and have the smell of it all over the house :). I use my French press and then, of course, I add milk (I use Earth’s Own – almond milk) and this Vital Proteins collagen powder. And, nope, I do not put sugar in my coffee – not a big fan of it. I never used to do that and I think I got used to coffee this way :).

2. Homemade Baby Food

Some of you probably noticed that Lily turned 7 months and she is trying all the solids out there :). That being said, I really like this Baby Brezza® One Step Food Maker Deluxe. What I love the most about it is that the jar is glass and it really makes making food for my precious much easier! 🙂 Also, their food pouches are a great option when we go out (meaning for a drive only if you know what I mean) :).

Check the video of Lily trying an apple for the first time here, it’s hilarious! 🙂

3. My Baby Is Prepared For Canadian Winter For 4 Years

Like I said in the introduction, I’m getting ready for winter and with that, I really wanted to make sure that Lily will stay warm during cold months. Even though, we won’t probably go out too often. When I saw this 7AM Enfant Blanket 212 Evolution®, I had to get it for my little love in white. The best thing about it is its zippered length and width extensions that makes it fit babies for up to 4 years! Plus, it is very warm, weatherproof, and durable with its water-repellent outer shell, poly insulation, and a super soft plush lining.

4. Better Sleep = Happier Baby

There are a couple things that help Lily to have a better sleep and first one is the Aroma Snooze Cool Mist Humidifier that has 6 functions in 1. It’s the best thing ever, (see for yourself)! Second thing is the transition sleep sack made with organic materials. With that, I don’t have to ever worry that Lily is cold at night or not cozy enough. If you’re interested, Baby Loves Sleep Co is a great place for some baby stuff when it comes to sleep.

5. Personalized Books


This week on Instagram I’ve published picture of Lily with her book that’s personalized (please see the picture above) and LOTS of my followers started asking me more about it. I would like to share it here, as well, because this is something really great for your baby or as a gift for somebody else’s baby :). Mind+Matter offers personalized books with great messages, your kid’s name and picture! They’re really great – we got 6 of them :). (I’ve also made some Instagram stories about them that are saved in the Baby Products II highlight.)

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