Friday’s Five: It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas!

Last weekend, we had SO much fun and it’s all because Lily saw her first Christmas tree! 😀 If only I could, I would spend the entire time with Lily under the Christmas tree – dancing, singing and everything else! 🙂 We have a full Christmas spirit in our house, is it the same at yours?! 🙂

I’m so excited for this Christmas, like never before! I cannot wait to spend it all with my small, precious family :). December 24th, come sooner this year, please! 😀

1. Our Christmas Tree

This year we have our Christmas tree from King of Christmas (they are still on sale!) and I cannot be happier with it. It is pre-lit, which makes it so easier to set up. It also came with gloves so it was my job this year to spread it all nicely and I must say the job was very rewarding at the end (seeing the result).

2. Christmas Makeup

I got these beautiful liquid lipsticks from Avon and I must say that when I saw them Christmas makeup came to my mind. The colors are so perfect and festive for this occasion (and the New Year’s Eve) that I had to tell you about them :). Plus, they really stay long and are buildable so you can “strong” or lightly with it :).

3. Soap That Smells Like Christmas

We wash hands SO OFTEN nowadays that these holiday soaps from Live Clean make it more pleasant. My favorite ones are Holly Berry and Gingerbread Latte.

4. Company That Cares About Our Planet

I would love to introduce you to Invito Coffee. They’ve created Vancouver’s 1st zero-waste coffee company, and are leading the path in coffee sustainability. They use 100% compostable coffee packaging and get away from traditional plastic bags. Beside that, their coffee smells and tastes delicious!!! No joke! And yes, they do have a sampler bundle, but I’m sure 99.99% that you will love it going with the full size :).

5. You’ve Probably Seen It Already

I feel sorry for her because of her grandma, but this is too funny not to share!

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