Time Flies With A Speed Of Light

Time Flies With A Speed Of Light

This Christmas I have realized that time flies like crazy. When V (my husband) and I were watching all the Christmas movies, I felt like we watched them yesterday.

Our life is in our hands and what we do with it is up to us. I’ve looked at all those times when I felt stressed over this year, worried about unexpected and then I thought: why?!

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How To Dress For Christmas

How To Dress For Christmas

Decorations are up, movie choices are made and Christmas music is playing. I’m guessing that you all probably already have decided what you’re going to wear this Christmas and New Year’s Eve. You have your dress or favorite pants out, ready to iron. If you haven’t prepared it yet, I hope I’ll give you some idea.

Instead of leaving the outfit for the last minute, let’s see what you need to consider before the final look. This way you won’t say: “I don’t have anything to wear” an hour or two before the celebration :).

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7 Must-See Christmas Movies & Christmas Playlist

7 Must-See Christmas Movies & Christmas Playlist

Christmas is around the corner so it’s high time to watch some Christmas movies, right? Also, Christmas music is on and I diffuse my favorite Christmas Tree Blend writing this for you guys :). I only miss some Polish pierogies with cabbage and mushrooms to feel the “real” spirit of Christmas :).

We all have our favorite movies, but I tried to create the list of must-see Christmas movies that you can go back whenever the time of Christmas is coming. I have asked my Instagram followers (on insta stories) what their favorite Christmas movie is yesterday and I’m happy to say that all of those I’m about to list appear to be someone’s (if not more) favorite.

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It’s beginning of 2018 with great memories of 2017

I hope that all of you had a great Christmas and have entered this 2018 with a very positive attitude, ready for only good things to happen! ☺

For me this Christmas was wonderful, certainly one of the best ones! ☺

My husband and I started Christmas Eve with Bruce Springsteen song “Merry Christmas Baby” and my love surprised me with taking me to dance to it 😍.

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