Amazing Reasons To Travel By Motorcycle Rather Than Your Car

If you’ve been contemplating learning how to ride a motorcycle, then perhaps the idea of traveling across the country on one may finally convince you to take that test. Taking a road trip via car is one thing but traveling via motorcycle is considered a completely different experience. It means you can fully immerse yourself in your surroundings and hit the road with minimal effort and maximum freedom.

Remember, riding a motorcycle means taking safety incredibly seriously, and you should only
consider a road trip if you have all the right safety gear, plenty of experience and you know how to ride defensively. If you find yourself involved in a road accident that could have been avoided find a motorcycle accident law firm as soon as possible. Driving in unfamiliar places can be exciting but you’ll also need to exercise extreme caution, especially if you’re driving at night.

Read on to discover some amazing reasons why you should travel by motorcycle rather than your car.

It’s A Fully Immersive Experience

As a passenger or driver in a car, you’re confined to a much smaller space and you’ll only get to view your latest surroundings through a small frame. That’s when you’re not concentrating on the road ahead of course. As a motorcycle rider, you get to enjoy a fully immersive road trip experience. You’re right in the middle of it all, the warm sun (or the driving rain) on your back, you’re closer to the action and you’ll spot things that other motorists will easily miss.

There’s More Freedom

Just spotted the perfect place to take a photo? Or a cute little side road where you can have some lunch? Need to quickly turn around? As a motorcycle rider, you get all this and more. The freedom that comes with riding is unmatched and your journey is much more flexible and unpredictable. Not being confined to the small space inside a traditional car is an incredible feeling!

It Helps You Relax

Of course, you can’t be too relaxed on a motorcycle, but many motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy the sense of calm and serenity that comes with hitting the open road and leaving their everyday lives behind. Concentrating on speed, the road around you, the beautiful views, focusing on your breathing, your body position and your posture…it’s all incredibly meditative and good for your mental wellbeing.

Find Something Or Somewhere New

As a motorcycle rider, you’re not restricted to the main roads like your fellow motorists. You can go off the beaten track, follow an old trail, discover an old site or a small town that isn’t mentioned in your guidebook or itinerary. Adventure is never far away when you’re on your motorcycle.

And Finally, The Community Spirit

Motorcycling has a huge following and you’ll find like-minded enthusiasts all over the country and beyond. Who knows who you’ll meet when you pull up to that beauty spot or roadside diner? You can seriously expand your motorcycle knowledge and your social circle simply by getting on your bike.

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16 thoughts

  1. My husband, Rooster and I jabe been taking motorcycle road for years
    There is nothing like the freedom of the road. We consider it to be our wond therapy.

  2. That was exactly our feeling when we still had a bike. In a car you are in a kind of energetic vacuum, on the bike you are connected with your surroundings.It is quite a different experience. I warmly recommend it!

  3. It is truly fun, but make sure that you are not out when it’s raining, or you will not like the way this motorcycle freedom hits you back 😉

  4. I’m 83, but in the past 60 years I’ve owned 11 motorcycles and I’ve ridden every state west of the Mississippi. For me it is about the in my face. Now I write about the wind, the noise, the snow, and the times I left too early. Or the time it rained the entire 500 miles from Boise, except for the three times it snowed.

    Press on my friend

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