What Happens When You Eat Nothing But Plants For A Month?

For decades, researchers and scientists told us that we needed to get more “protein.” But as the evidence comes in, it’s becoming clear that that’s not the case at all – especially if you want long-term wellness.

It turns out that protein from animal sources – such as beef, liver, chicken, eggs, and dairy – upregulates a pathway in our cells, called mTOR. A little bit of mTOR is okay because it helps cells divide and grow. But too much can lead to premature aging and even cancer – not what you want.

Researchers believe that this mechanism is one of the reasons populations eating mostly plants live so long. They’re getting 95 percent of their calories from basic staples – like sweet potatoes – and only a very small amount from beef, pork, chicken, and lamb. Good examples include the Okinawans and the inhabitants of the Mediterranean island of Sardinia.

Eating nothing but plants for a month might sound like a bit of a strange challenge – vegan even. But it’s something that people need to try at least once in their lives, just because of how radically different it makes you feel.

You Become More Relaxed

We know from brands like Harvest House of Cannabis how plants can make people feel more relaxed. They have tremendous medicinal properties.

So when you eat them, you get many of the benefits that herbs bring.

Researchers identify several mechanisms for why this happens. One is that plants reduce the level of inflammation in the brain, and that helps people to feel calmer in the evenings before they go to bed.

Another idea is that plants help to suppress the level of the stress hormone, cortisol, which is one of the reasons those following a vegetarian diet seem to be happier. Becoming more relaxed is actually one of the most surprising results of eating only plants.

Your Biomarkers Improve

Eating only plants “as they come out of the ground,” is one of the most powerful ways to improve your biomarkers – and your health. People who live off whole grains, nuts, and beans have lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar, and lower blood pressure. Their entire health seems to improve – sometimes in the space of a week – and they start looking and feeling younger. It’s quite remarkable to see it happening in real-time.

Improving your biomarkers is usually something that you can only do with drugs and supplements. But it turns out that simple foods, like greens, are an excellent way to do it. And when you cut all of the animal products and refined foods out of your diet, it becomes even easier to achieve.

You Feel Your Youth Returning

Imagine if you could travel back in time to your youth. It’d feel exciting, right?

Well, that’s kind of what eating nothing but plants for a month allows you to do. It won’t reverse every sign of aging on your body. But it will enable you to relive the sensation of having energy and being physically fit. Plants literally signal to your body that it needs to be younger.

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8 thoughts

  1. I have been vegan for a year and 3 months now with my husband! I was vegan while pregnant as well. It’s a great feeling.

  2. I can confirm that. I started to be a vegetarian in 1983 (28 years old). Before that I had extremely low blood pressure and chronic problems with my metabolism. That was completely gone after a short while of vegetarianism. I don’t know how long it took, I only noticed that I felt hot (instead of freezing all the time) and thought I had fever 😀 but it was just my blood pressure that was normal all of a sudden.
    We don’t really need animal proteins. We can get plenty of proteins from plants, especially from nuts and pulse.

  3. I am a Vegetarian now since one year because of Corona ( Covid). We can get Corona (Covid) from contaminated meat. Health is ok, everything is ok. You can do it, it works well.

  4. Wonderful post!! I am actually trying to eat only plants and vegetables. I still eat meat but way less than before and I definitely noticed that I feel better overall!

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