Date In Downtown, Toronto

Going for a date with the man you love, you can dress up as sexy (not too much revealing though, I wrote about it here) for him as you want to. Yes, a lot of girls would say, I don’t need a man to dress sexy. Yes, you don’t, but here I’m writing about my point of view ☺.

Being single I didn’t wear a lot of dresses. In my wardrobe I had only a few (you could count them with your one hand), now on the other hand my wardrobe is full of dresses, there’s much more dresses than t-shirts which is, trust me, unusual for me. I was always thinking (and hoping) that this day will come when I’ll be wearing a lot of dresses for my man and here it is.

Having my man ❤ next to me, I want him to feel proud of having such woman next to him and want other guys to be jealous of him (thinking: he’s one lucky guy).

About the outfit.
So I’m wearing (simple) a dress and high heels, they’re both do the things on the their own to make the whole outfit look good, adding the shiny bracelet on the simple, black upper part of the dress, it’s giving a little something to make more things going on there (but not too too much) and small, shiny earrings with the hair up and plain neck make a nice statement as well.

When it’s too empty around your neck leave your hair down and add big earrings (more casual look) or put your hair up and add some significant earrings as I did and then it looks more classy.


  • Asos dress (Club L)
  • Lauren Conrad strappy high heels/ stilletos 
  • Svarowski bracelet
  • Earrings (don’t know what brand, after my sister)
  • Clutch (found at Winners)
  • Moschino sunglasses

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