How To Look Good Even When The Weather Is Wearing You Down

If you are anything like the majority of people, the winter months will have a massive impact on you and your looks, and you probably won’t even want to think about which color eyeliner you are going to wear. It is a fact that millions of us suffer from a winter-related low mood and this means that we are not always feeling or looking our best during the coldest months of the year.

While looking good during the hottest months is imperative for some, this is a little bit more complicated during the wettest and most miserable period. During this, not only do we have little energy to carry out the ordinary tasks we are immersed in on our everyday lives, but we also tend not to bother with the activities that will make us look prettier and younger. This includes styling our hair and applying makeup.

If you feel like the weather is wearing you down, but you would still like to look good this Winter, here is how to do it.

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Look after your skin

The skin is the body’s largest organ by size, and this helps keep your body temperature at an optimal level. If the weather is too hot, the blood vessels located on the surface of your skin will enlarge in order to ensure warm blood cools down. Your skin is also responsible for producing Vitamin D when this is exposed to the sun. Vitamin D is essential for the healthy growth of your bones. Looking after your skin and ensuring you regularly moisturize this is, therefore, essential. Apart from serving the purposes we have discussed in the above lines, healthy skin is also the sign of a healthy body. Poor skin habits can result in rashes, sores and wrinkles, and unhealthy skin can very often lead to disease and infection. It is essential that you take this seriously in order for you to adopt a regular skincare routine. Learn why your skin may still be dry, even after moisturizing.

Pay attention to the health of your hair

Your hair has undergone many dyes and perms, we are sure, and as a result, it may no longer be the healthy hair you once owned. According to experts, however, hair has a great ability to restore itself and as a result and even if you think there is no going back, it won’t take you long to make your hair look beautiful again after all these visits you have paid to the hairdressers. Professionals in the industry claim one of the best ways of keeping your hair healthy is not to wet it often. In the Western World we tend to wash our hair three times a week, and while every single person is different and requires different frequencies, you should give your hair a break from washing from time to time. Cosmetic chemist Randy Schueller says you shouldn’t “wash your hair more than you have to. Whenever you can skip a day, that’s great.”


Your teeth are important

Your teeth are a vital instrument in your body; they allow you to chew food properly and they also help you keep your face in shape. As a result, it is of paramount importance that you look after them the way you are supposed to. This will ensure you maintain your teeth healthy and your mouth disease-free. While the idea of visiting your dentist might fill you with dread, it is recommendable that from time to time you seek the advice of experts who will tell you how to best look after your teeth. However, and if you take necessary steps for these to remain clean on a daily basis, you won’t have to visit an orthodontist often. The advice experts give to look after your mouth’s health correctly is simple. All you need to do is brush your teeth at least twice a day and do this thoroughly, use fluoridated toothpaste, floss your teeth daily to remove any food remains that may have been caught in between your teeth, limit your intake of acidic drinks and sugary foods, and visit your dentist regularly in order for him or her to check on your mouth’s health.

Keep your body in shape

Exercise is not only crucial for your body to keep fit and healthy. It is also an excellent tool for your mind to feel happier too. The benefits of exercise include helping you maintain strong and healthy muscles and bones, boosting your energy levels, protecting your body from disease, contributing towards the health of your skin and many more. Exercise is so important, everybody should engage in this activity. According to experts, we need about 30 minutes of physical activity every single day. This means, adults between the ages of 19 and 64 should engage in around 150 minutes of aerobic activity every week (e.g. cycling and brisk walking) and strength exercises at least twice a week in order to work all the major muscles. Alternatively, they could also engage in 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity every week (e.g. running and playing tennis) and strength exercises at least twice a week. If you cannot decide whether you would like to go for the former or the latter, you could always combine the two and do a mix of moderate and vigorous activity weekly plus the strength exercises.

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Help your mind be calmer

We live busy lives, and even the calmest of human beings can get stressed by making a routine journey into work. Our everyday existence is dominated by pressure and rush and, as a result, it is often difficult to find the calm and tranquility we are after. Meditation is the practice by which we are able to transform the mind. This doesn’t mean that if you practice this form of mindfulness, you will suddenly be given a different mind, but that you will help it become better able to concentrate, be clearer, and turn it into an overall more positive receptor. The health of your mind is as important as the health of your body, and whereas many things in life are out of our control, it is still possible for us to take responsibility for the way we see and experience these things. We are ultimately responsible for our own states of mind, and it is only us who can turn these into better and more positive ways of thinking. This is what Buddhism believes, and it is as a result of this that the religion uses meditation in order for individuals to adopt healthier ways of thinking. If you have been under stress and would like to help your mind be calmer, try mindfulness now.

Socialize more often

One of the antidotes against stress is also socializing, as being with friends and family members who make you feel happier is extremely important for our health. Maintaining a healthy circle of people to which we can turn is not only crucial for our psychological health, it is also essential for our physical well being. Socializing not only is fun, but it also helps you stay active and feel you belong somewhere and are part of a group. The latter in turn enables you to be more positive about your self-esteem, and as a result can provide you with significant doses of mental stimulation, helping your memory keep in good shape. Those who lead lonely lives are often more depressed than those who are socializing individuals, and one of the reasons for this is that socializing helps your day be more structured. Furthermore, as socializing involves an interaction between two or more people, the mere feeling of giving and sharing will already make you feel better about yourself and boost your energy and well-being levels. This all means your stress levels significantly decrease when you socialize, and as socializing helps you not become lonely, it also has the power to make you feel less depressed, which in turn makes you healthier. Socializing is plagued with benefits then! This year, make sure you get out there and get together with friends more often!

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The Winter months can make us feel miserable and sad when all we are surrounded by is grey skies and rainy weather. However, it is essential to make an effort to look good even in the worst of weather case scenarios so that you can keep feeling good about yourself. A recent study revealed that self-confidence is boosted when we put in the work to help us feel good about ourselves, and that involves paying attention to the state of your body and mind. If you would like to look and feel better this year, it’s time to ditch your procrastinating ways and start doing something that will make you feel and look healthy. If you follow the above and are able to look after your skin, hair, teeth, body and mind, you will find a way to a better you in no time.

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  1. As an old guy I have to admit I don’t pay too much attention to how I look. I am comfortable with my appearance and my wife doesn’t complain so I guess I’m good to go. Mindfulness is a good suggestion, as I heard long ago being happy or miserable is a choice. I choose happy. I also socialize with friends and family as often as possible especially in the winter and that helps with my mind set and happiness. Great blog post.

  2. i love this endlessly. especially the section focusing on the “clear mind”. it’s so so vital and so so easy to overlook💙. thank you for your words, and your reminder that self care is oh so so important, ALL year long. so grateful to have found your blog, it’s wonderful.

  3. Thank you for this! I never really the deserved attention on my teeth; now I got to ❤️❤️ Great post!

  4. Great tips for beating those winter blahs. Always feel more depressed during this time. I try to beat it by using winter to workout hardcore and then when the spring comes I can showcase my hardwork lol

  5. Great information. I’ve been trying to meditate lately through the Calm App. You should check it out. Exercise has always been a great pick me up for me during the winter months. The biggest challenge is leaving my warm bed in the morning to get to gym. 😩

  6. This is a great post. All too often, people associate the desire to look good with being superficial, but in truth, it has a great deal to do with how we feel. In fact, if you are feeling a bit blah, if you can manage to fix yourself up in the style that you like, your mood will improve.

  7. If i could, i would go to sleep in october and wake up in may! But i can’t so with fitness and yoga i try to control my mood. Love this post!

  8. Yeh, you look absolutely good, gorgeous! I think, no I’m sure of it that your husband is very proud of you. 🙂
    Best regards, Heidi

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