7 Tips For Choosing The Right Storage Provider

Renting a storage unit gives you a secure place to store your belongings, regardless of how much space you need. Whether you’re looking for short-term storage while you’re redecorating or long-term storage to help you declutter your home, finding the right storage company is essential. With this in mind, take a look at these top five tips and choose the right storage provider now:

1. Location

When you’re choosing where to store your belongings, be sure to take location into account. You may want to make frequent trips to your unit, so look into local storage options. With more than 125 locations around the country, Safestore makes it easy to access a storage unit close to home. With options to suit homeowners, businesses and students, it’s simple to find storage and services that suit your needs too.

2. Security

Putting your items into storage should give you peace of mind, not leave you worrying about security. To ensure your items are safe, double-check what security measures are in place. Most storage facilities have advanced CCTV systems, for example, as well as protocols to ensure only verified customers can access the premises. In addition to this, some security companies also have round-the-clock security personnel on-site, which can help to deter unauthorized visitors from attempting to access the site.

3. Cost

Storage units can be the most cost-effective way of storing personal items, household goods or even business stock, but you’ll want to ensure you get a good deal. Ask for a quote to begin with, to ensure the price is competitive. From there, you’ll be able to discuss any current deals or discounts. Don’t be afraid to negotiate as sales personnel are often able to offer lower prices to prospective customers.

4. Opening Hours

Some storage units are only accessible when the company is open, which means you might only be able to access your items during standard business hours. However, other storage companies provide customers with 24-hour access to their units. Depending on your needs, you may want to opt for a company that guarantees access to your unit at any time.

5. Reputation

Before you choose any company to work with, it’s helpful to do a little research and take a look at feedback from their existing customer base. The internet makes it easy to look at reviews and ratings, so don’t forget to see what other people are saying about storage providers in your area. This can be a useful way to find the most secure and cost-effective storage units in any location, so be sure to read reviews and recommendations – then leave one yourself.

6. Insurance

Most storage providers require customers to have some form of insurance but it’s worth checking to see whether it’s included in the price and, if so, how much cover you have. You can typically purchase additional insurance via your storage provider or use a separate company, if you prefer.

7. Added Extras

Look for a storage facility that offers helpful equipment, such as trolleys to help you move heavy items from a van into your storage unit. Larger units should have lifts, which again are useful if you need to move large pieces of furniture. Added extras such as use of a van for the day if you need storage for more than two weeks is worth having, too.

Find the Right Storage Unit

Locating the right storage provider gives you easy access to clean and secure units, so it’s well worth taking the time to find the best company. By doing so, you can ensure that your items are kept in great condition for as long as you choose to retain your unit.

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