Friday’s Five: Protect Yourself

Today I’d like to share with you products that I use and love myself (as always) to take care of and protect my family and myself. On top of that, with my husband’s birthday being last weekend, V and I have discovered a great restaurant with delicious food, which I’d love to recommend for you, because anyone can find something delicious for themselves there.

Last, but not least, I also received a beautiful package for Women’s Day from one of my favorite Canadian brands :). Please continue reading to find out all about it.

1. Protection From Electromagnetic Radiation

I’ve always been very concern about Wi-Fi and was always turning my phone off while sleeping. V was doing the same. Now, when we have Lily, I feel worried when I work on my laptop knowing that Wi-Fi is on and she’s not far from me.

Luckily, I’ve found out about Aires Tech that offers devices, which protect against the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. Using the next generation patented Aires microprocessors these models are more powerful than ever. V and I couldn’t be happier more with such technologies. We got some Lifetune Devices, which you can use on devices, such as cell phones, routers, baby monitors, and more. Another thing we got are two Lifetune Room devices that reduces the harmful effects of EMR in a 500 sq. ft area. That being said, you can use it in offices, bedrooms, children’s play area, etc. They also offer two other devices: Lifetune Personal and Lifetune Pet.

2. Smart Lock For Your Home

Speaking of protection, I’d like to introduce you to Alferd Smart Lock that is a new touchscreen deadbolt for your door, with functional, beautiful products that don’t disappoint. With a sleek design and practical features such as Visual Pin Protection and Away Mode, Alfred reflects the perfect balance between beautiful design, security and usability.

Their new DB2 series allow users to select the options that suit their needs, including keyed (DB2-B) or keyless versions (DB2). All locks are Bluetooth enabled and can be unlocked with up to 20 different pin codes, including one-time codes and time-sensitive codes. Additionally, simply unlock the unit with a touch when your phone is nearby with Alfred’s One-Touch access.

We got one for ourselves and I must say, its design does not disappoint! 🙂

3. Pakistani Fusion Restaurant

As I’ve mentioned in the introduction, V and I had an opportunity to try a new restaurant called Naan & Chai which specializes in naans. Neither V nor I have ever tried this kind of food before so we were very curious how stuffed naans would taste like. I must say that we were both very pleasantly surprised.

What I liked the most is that I had some mouthwatering naans, such as: Philly Cheese Steak Naan, Smoked Brisket Naan and Pesto Chicken Naan. They are also not spicy, which is exactly what I like the most :). V loved his choices, which were: Tandoori Chicken Naan, Bihari Kabob Naan and Butter Chicken Naan. These are all spicy and V, of course, enjoyed them a lot.

Naan & Chai has already two locations (in Toronto & Mississauga) and are opening a new one so it means only one thing – we are not the only fans of their kitchen! 🙂

4. “Be Your Own Kind Of Wonderful”

First of all, I need to say for you my wonderful women: Happy (belated) Women’s Day! 🙂

WonderBra sent me a beautiful package full of wonderful products from Canadian female-owned small businesses. A great self-care bundle to celebrate female leadership. Of course, they included one of their bras, that I really like wearing every day, because it’s very comfortable! It has breathable cups and is wirefree. As always, I highly recommend their lingerie :).

5. To the women… 🙂

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