Get Rid of Mom Guilt for Good

Mom guilt is a very real thing. Whether it’s because you have lost your temper with the kids when they are being naught or because you have decided to go back to work, which means you won’t be astounded quite so often, there are so many things that you can, and probably will beat yourself up about as a mom.

The thing is, feeling guilt doesn’t do anyone any good. It makes you feel awful and it won’t change the situation one bit. And anyway, the fact that you feel guilty about various aspects of parenting shows that you’re a great mama who really does care about her kids.

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So, maybe it’s time to stop worrying about every little decision and start enjoying being a parent a whole lot more. Here are some things that will help you to do that by ditching that mom guilt for good:

Journal It

Something that can help when you’re feeling guilty about your parenting decisions is to write down all of those feelings you are having in a journal. When you do this, it sort of offers you a release. It gets the worry and guilt out of your brain and helps you to process and move on more quickly.

Focus On The Good Bits

If you’re feeling guilty about, for example, sending your baby to childcare, think about all of the benefits of doing so. For example, child day care is great for enabling your kids to socialize with their peers, and they are sure to have safe and stimulating fun while they are there. Sure, you might not be with them 24/7 but do you really need to be?

That is just one example, but you can apply it to most parenting situations where you might feel built, and on those rare occasions when you really were in the wrong you can apologize and/or resolve to do better next time. Nobody is perfect, which brings us to…

Learn From Your Mistakes

Like I just said, no one is perfect and that is as true for moms as it is for everyone else. If you want to avoid the inevitable guilt, you need to accept that work out as a plan of how you will deal with similar situations more effectively in the future, and then let it go. Don’t set expectations for yourself that are too high because you know what? You will constantly be disappointed and the feelings of guilt will never ease, which means you will always be worrying and never fully present with your kids!

Ignore The Shamers

Mom-shamers are very real and they will drag you down and make you feel guilty for even existing if you aren’t careful. Do things your way, don’t compare yourself to others, and if they try to shame you for not having the right baby carrier or not feeding your kids exclusively organic food, shrug it off – they are not you and you should judge yourself only by your own standards, not theirs.

Mom guilt is, more often than not, unnecessary guilt, so why not let it go?

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