You Are Two, Lily!

I remember celebrating your first birthday as it was yesterday, Lily. At the same time, daddy and I were so excited to celebrate your second birthday last month! We taught you to sing happy Birthday” in English and “Sto Lat” in Polish and it was the sweetest thing when you sang happy birthday in both languages on your actual birthday. To be honest, you are still singing both of these songs each and every day! Your voice is the sweetest! We do not mind it at all and we sing them along with you! 🙂

Small Moments

Oh, Lily, there are so many beautiful things that happen all the time that you do or say. I’m not able to write about them all here, but let me try to mention some :).

I love how you always workout with me and whenever I do “downward dog” pose, you always sneak underneath me and give me (the sweetest) kiss. You are and always will be (along with daddy) my biggest motivation in everything I do!

Also, you won’t let mommy (or daddy) unload the dishwasher by themselves. You are the best helper in the entire world!

We Did It Lily!

I’m so happy and grateful that we made it, Lily! I was so worried if I’m able to breastfeed you till you’re two years old. That was my goal, even before you were here, but because my mommy breastfed me for two years, I always wanted to do the same! 🙂 There are way too many benefits not to do that. Now, it’s been over two years and we are still going strong! 🙂 Beside the great benefits and my goal, I do love so much all these moments together when we stare into each other’s eyes! Sometimes you love when I sign to you and rub your back, as well. I always treasure this, even when you wake up in the middle of the night, I cannot do anything, but smile and give you what you want! 🙂

“Hi Mommy!” / “Hi Daddy!”

These two phrases are the ones that daddy and mommy waited for their entire lives! 🙂

When I come into the room, you always say “hi mommy!”. Even better, when daddy comes home, you say with your sweet voice: “hi daddy!” and after he replies, you ask him “how are you?” We love it so much!

I hope that this new year will be full of laughter, health and dance! Dancing is what we do the most in our household and we all love it so much! For instance, the last Super Bowl’s halftime all three of us went crazy, Lily, and I hope that we’ll always have this craziness together from time to time! 😀

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  1. Wow! It’s been a while Simple Ula but what a beautiful Daughter; of course Mommy and Daddy too! What a sweet family and she’s growing up so pretty; just lovely, all of you! Thanks for sharing your family pictures. I remember when Lily was just born. Doesn’t time fly though…

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