Building Stronger Legs

People joke about it, but it’s really true that you shouldn’t skip leg day. No matter what, you should be building every part of your body as much as possible. Your legs support your body and they get you from A to B in one piece, so you need to make sure that you drive home the point that you really shouldn’t be skipping out on the day.

When you consider the way you treat your legs at the gym you need to make sure that you avoid injury as much as possible so you should learn how to tape hamstring muscles so that you can support them while you work out. It will also help you to talk to a personal trainer to make sure that your form and function when you exercise will keep you upright without injuring yourself in the first place. Here’s why you should build stronger legs.

  • More muscle will reduce body fat. Did you know that 70% of the muscle mass is below the waist line? Targeting your legs is a must if you want to make sure that you change your body composition. Building muscles to facilitate fast fat loss come work in several different ways. When you have more muscle, you will increase your resting metabolism rate because it takes more calories for your body to maintain muscle compared to maintaining fat. Resistance training in bed calories during and after your workouts, and if you don’t include resistance training while in a caloric deficit, you will lose muscle in addition to fat.
  • Your posture can imbalance if you don’t build stronger legs. For deconditioned individuals, or somebody who is in recovery from an injury, we often see people using their backs during activities such as lifting rather than the legs. Firstly, if your knees or your hamstrings have been damaged you shouldn’t be lifting things in the first place. You need to make sure that you re-establish core activation and basic movement patterns to strengthen your legs and stop using your back to lift things. Strength training in various ranges can help you to increase your joint ability and help your legs to strengthen.
  • Work your legs to work your core. Whether you are doing things like deadlifts, squats and hip thrusts, you don’t just move the muscles in your legs. You engage more of your core muscles throughout, your abdominals, your paraspinals, your hip flexors and your adductors. When you work the deep muscle, you will also have better core strength that will help you to effectively transfer energy. And this is all because you’re working on building strong legs.
  • You will increase your athletic potential. When you work your legs, you improve your lower body strength and this is the foundation of athletic performance. You can sprint, you can jump, you can change direction efficiently and quickly when you need to. It’s also essential to use a combination of compound bilateral and unilateral strength training exercises to develop your muscles.

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