What Makes Art Deco Jewellery So Popular?

The birth of Art Deco came in Paris at an exhibition for decorative arts in the 1920s, namely the Exposition Internationale Des Artes Decorative et Industriels, which was the very first time this colorful style was seen. After years of austerity, people yearned for rich color and the bold, geometric lines that Art Deco introduced and the influence extended to architecture, the arts and even household appliances.

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The Essence Of Art Deco

Art Deco is all about combining rich color with geometric shapes, with fine workmanship and a range of precious stones and metals. Artists and designers had carte blanche and that resulted in some amazing creations, some of which have ended up in an antique dealer’s collection.


One of the best-known jewellery makers, Cartier were instrumental in developing Art Deco by introducing sapphires, emeralds and rubies, shifting the focus from diamonds to other gems. Designs became even more colorful and pronounced shapes were commonly found on Art Deco jewellery.

Timeless Elegance

There’s something about the Art Deco style that is timeless, which makes it popular during all trends and if you are planning to pop the magical question this year, search online for a leading Australian antique dealer, where you can view an extensive selection of unique pieces, including stunning diamond engagement rings in the Art Deco style. This would make for the perfect engagement ring, which you can present on one knee and as long as you are sure about ring size, why not buy the ring online?

Uniquely Romantic

Your partner will imagine all kinds of romantic scenarios that her ring has witnessed and as the ring is handmade by an expert of the time, there is no other ring identical to this creation. Of course, the antique dealer might know a lot about the history of the ring and you can paint a colorful picture of how people lived 200 years ago.

Rich Colors

If there’s one aspect of Art Deco jewellery that stands out, it would be the rich colors used, with emeralds, sapphires, rubies, amber and amethyst all found in Art Deco jewellery. Search online for a leading antique dealer and take a look at the stunning Art Deco rings on offer, with diamonds and colored precious stones, so you can choose a ring with her favorite color.

Superb Craftsmanship

The jewellery makers in the early 20th century were exceptionally skilled and every single piece was handcrafted almost as an art form, rather than just a jewellery item, and some fine examples of which are the Art Deco jewellery at Kalmar Antiques. Rings that are over a century old are still in great condition, and such pieces appreciate in value over time, making for a great investment.

If your partner is in love with Art Deco jewellery, search online for a leading Australian antique dealer and view some stunning examples of exquisite antique jewellery. The antique dealer has an extensive collection of jewellery from all eras and you can view at your leisure before choosing the perfect engagement ring with the bold design and color that is Art Deco.

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