Friday’s Five: The Little One’s Edition

It is less than two weeks till Christmas! I am getting ready and planning already what cakes and what we will be cooking for this Christmas – so exciting! 🙂

I thought that I’ll share this time in my Friday’s Five some more toys for kiddos, because I’ve found some more great ones than what I shared in my gift guides.

1. Educational Toys

One of my favorite toy brands are VTech and Leapfrog. They have the best toys and at the same time educational. There’s nothing better than learning through fun! Little ones are having fun and at the same time getting to know more things. For example, this RockIt Twist, Speak and Learn Puppy and Myla’s Friends are great choices.

2. For A Little Booklover

If you have a young bookworm in your life, you should check this book “A New Alphabet for Humanity: A Children’s Book of Alphabet Words to Inspire Compassion, Kindness and Positivity” by Leesa McGregor. I think the title says it all.

3. Familiarize To Different Animals

These adorable little animals are soft and supple – great for the youngest. My Lily has some of them and she loves playing with them and having them close. I like that they help her familiarize to different animals. On top of that, they play some cute music.

4. Bamboo All The Way

Since I’ve become a mommy, I noticed that bamboo goes a long way. It’s great for toys, but especially clothes, towels, socks and more. It is great on babies’ bodies! It’s hypoallergenic and has cashmere-like softness. I highly recommend to check this small business: Bamboobino, because they have all you need for the baby in your life (whether she/he is your own or not) :).

5. Taking Care Of The Bum 🙂

Last, but not least – if you’re looking for some “down to earth” gift that will be useful and will help a mom out, check these Nest diapers (available at I like them a lot, because they are made with hand-selected sustainable materials that are free of harmful chemicals, perfume and known allergens. They are also very soft for the softest bum :).

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