5 Ways To Avoid Stress In A Time Of Crisis

When times get tough, your stress levels can go through the roof, making you feel like you can’t cope. But it can be hard when you need to keep calm and get through challenging times. Luckily, there are some straightforward techniques you can put into place to get through a crisis. Check out these five simple steps to manage stress when things get tough.

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Be Super Organized

The first thing to disappear when things get hectic is your memory. You might be so focused on the current situation that you forgot where you left your keys or to take your kid to that dance class. Being super organized and making a list, a daily schedule and setting reminders will help avoid stress in the long run. Think about what your future self needs to know, and you’ll thank yourself for it later.

Hire Someone To Get The Basics Done

It’s impossible to do everything and be a wonder woman when a crisis looms in front of you. But getting some basic household repair done will leave you feeling happier as you are at least living in clean and coordinated surroundings. If you’ve got a broken appliance on a lifelong to-do list, like an oven on the blink, call an expert to get it fixed. They can sort it out in the background while you focus on the more urgent and crisis-related tasks.

Be Ultra Kind To Yourself

The last thing you might feel you have time for is ‘me time’ during a crisis. But you can treat yourself without going overboard. It might be those twenty minutes before everyone wakes up in the morning where you sip your coffee, or a bath with scented candles at the end of a long day. Make peace with yourself, as often during tough times, we can become our own harshest critics. Remember, you’re doing the best you can.

Start Meditating

Clearing your head with some meditation sessions at the start of each day will help you tackle crises. Using an app like Headspace for some guided meditations is useful if you’ve never meditated before and aren’t quite sure where to start. Apps designed to help you relax, get a better quality night’s sleep or just clear your head are the perfect way to get through difficult times.

Reach Out To A Support Network

Your support network begins with family and close friends. If you’re in a relationship, it’s essential that you and your partner stay unified in the face of a crisis. When you feel like you’re facing something alone, reach out to your extended family and friends and tell them you need a bit of support. Don’t have a support network? It could be the perfect time to create one by joining an online support group or starting a new hobby.

It isn’t easy when life throws you a curveball, and you have to react quickly under pressure. Take the stress out of the situation where you can with these techniques, and you’ll be sure to come through the other side a stronger person.

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    1. Hi, yes, we are okay. Staying home a the time (all 3 of us). How are you and your family?

  1. Support network of family and friends, meditation, super organized are the ways to keep sane and you have put it so well, particular in today’s times.

  2. I wake up every morning at 7.30 and I am doing exercise three times a week.
    I agree that you need a schedule, so it doesn’t feel like all the days are exactly the same

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